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No, your penis is not small. In fact, 5 and half inches is more than normal for a 16 year old boy.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-16 19:51:36
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Q: Is your Penis Small It is 5 and a half inch long and iam 16?
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How long does penis have be to be considered small?

It is considered small at 3 1/2 inches You only need a 4 inch penis for pleasureing a girl

You are 12 and half years old your penis when erect is 5 inch long Is it normal?


Is a penis of size 4.5 inch long and 12cm girth a small one?


Is a 6 and a half inch penis big for 13?

Yes, the norm is 3.4 inches long when erect.

You are 12 and your Fully Erected Penis is 3 and a half inches long Is that small?

No that is not small because I'm 11 and that is the size of my penis fully erected. but both of us have a long way to go. ^_^

Im 14 and a girl is feeling on your 5 12 inch penis im afraid she will think its small?

well it depends if she has ever felt a penis before if not she won't think its small but yes she might but mine's 6 and a half inches long so in ur eye bud

You are 12 and your penis is 1.3 inches non erect is that small?

No, for a twelve year old to have an 1.3 inch penis is normal. Before the body goes through puberty the average size for an erect penis is 2-4 inches long. yes that is a small penis mine is 5 and half and im 13 but u will mature so dont worry

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they are very small up to half an inch long.

How long is an inch and a half of hair?

an inch and a half, i think

What are the chances of a 7 inch long and 5.7-ish girth penis pleasing a woman?

Not a chance. You're way too small. Two words: penis pump.

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baby mantis when they emerge from the egg will be a half inch long.

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