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yes u can get cancer and die

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โˆ™ 2012-06-08 21:48:14
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Q: Is smoking grass with paper bad for you?
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If you get regular grass and get some paper and smoke it is that bad for you?

There are no chemicals in ordinary grass that can get you high. Smoking it will just taste bad plus the tar that comes from burning the paper and grass is bad for your lungs.

Is smoking grass bad?

Smoking anything is bad. That's a given. SO ofcourse Grass is going to be bad for you to smoke. Anything that alters your brain is bad. And Grass, despite what people may say, PERMANENTLY changes your brain. Medically proven.

Is smoking paper bad for your lungs?


What is a good title for a science paper on carbon dioxide?

smoking is bad

Is smoking paper bad for your health?

anything that is inhaled into your lungs (besides the air (even that sometimes is bad for you)) is bad for your health.

Is smoking paper bad for you?

if you inhale it is is very bad but it can give you mouth cancer if you dont inhale it just put it in your mouth

Is smoking construction paper bad for you?

yes it is because it has toxic in it and why the world would you ask this question

Is smoking paper bad?

Yes it is bad as you would be inhaling unhealthy chemicals. There is no reason to do so as there is no buzz nor high to get from doing that.

Is smoking marijuana once a week bad?

The single reason smoking weed is unhealthy is the smoke you inhale from the paper. The better alternative is a vaporizer or a bong.

Is smoking grass like smoking weed?

Since grass and weed are both synonyms for marijuana, the answer would be yes.However, the cannabis plant is technically neither a grass nor a weed; it is an herb.-But smoking grass would not get you high.

How is paper made by grass?

Grass does not make paper, paper can be made withgrass

Is smoking good or bad?

Smoking is bad.

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