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No, they could fall out in your sleep, stupid people!

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โˆ™ 2010-04-22 16:02:40
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Q: Is sleeping with contacts okay
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Can you wear contacts when your sleeping?


Can i wear contacts when im sleeping?

Whether or not you can wear contacts while you are sleeping depends on the brand and style of the contacts. Some of them are meant to be worn over night and others are not.

Is it okay to wear contacts while playing a sport?

Yes ... wearing contacts whiles engaging in sports is perfectly fine ...

How do you sync your facebook contacts photos with your android contacts?

you press share then facebook then you will have to wait three hours maybe try a couple of times then it will be okay

Is falling asleep in contacts okay if it happens just once?

Many people fall asleep in contacts once in a while, it just shouldn't be a habit

Where can you buy contacts online?

Someone can buy contacts online from websites like 1-800 contacts, although I would not recommend buying any sort of contacts online, especially prescription. Usually costume contacts can be okay, but prescription contacts should be carefully made professionally and by your own eye doctor who knows your eye exactly.

Is it okay to sleep in a bikini?

Sleeping in a bikini would not harm you, but I don't know why you would.

Is sleeping on your back ok?

Sleeping on your back is okay for most people. Those who have developed sleep apnea may need to find a different sleep position.

Is it safe to take 100mg of sleeping pills?

You will be okay, but people aroung you and who loves will die with that tension

What can you use for dark circles under the eyes?

by sleeping more often and keep from stress okay and if u believe my answer is true right yup....... under my answer okay

Can I wear these contacts if I have an eye conditon such as cataracts or glaucoma?

Eye doctors do say it is okay to wear contacts even with eye conditions as long as you do not have dry eyes or severe irritation of the eye. They do suggest you stop wearing contacts at about a week before or after Cataract surgery.

Do you need good sleep to put in your contacts?

No. I can usually put mine in after sleeping a short time. I can't see how it would hurt.

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