Is sleeping on the couch bad for your back?

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Yes, if the couch is too soft or too small to accommodate you comfortably (i.e. stretched out).

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Q: Is sleeping on the couch bad for your back?
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Is sleeping on a couch bad for your back?

yes if you sleep on your back and it is a small couch

Does sleeping on the couch bad for a relationship?

If you are both sleeping on the couch it's good but if your sleeping on the couch by your self then it's bad.Yea but if you fall asleep while like watching a movie together its ok alot of pppl do it

Is sleeping on your back bad for pregnant women?


Will sleeping on a couch cause back pain?

Yes it does because our spinal cord did not get the correct posture and as a result it causes back pain

Why is your boyfriend sleeping on the couch?

Because hes tired.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sleeping on the Couch - 2010?

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What are the health risks when sleeping in a bed?

The health risks of sleeping in a bed include bedbegs and bad posture due to your sleeping position. The bad posture from sleeping can result in back pain and general body pain for the rest of your life.

What do you do if a bum is sleeping on your couch?

Tell your wife her brother is going to have to leave.

Why are sleeping pills bad for you?

it is said that sleeping pills can shorten life.....sleeping pills are bad

bed is to sleeping as chair is to?

Bed is to sleeping Chair is to siting

Is sleeping on a couch bad for the couch?

Yes, it will wear out the cushion. it will make it flat, just like when you buy a new pillow and a few days later it is flat. it will also ruin the springs. no matter how much you weigh it can break the springs, so when you sit on it, the cushions will sink in.

How do you make a girlfriend melt?

Is she the Wicked Witch of the West? Throw water on her. Warning: Do not try this at home. Serious back injuries may occur as a result of repeatedly sleeping on the couch.

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