Is sex fun

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Good sex is fun for those involved. Good partners make sure that the other person enjoys the activity as much as they do. If sex is not fun then something is wrong, either with the relationship between the people, or with their mood and attitude.


Sex is fun. It should be fun. But you need love and respect in the mix, especially if you plan on making the fun last for 40-50 years with the same person. Be responsible. Protect yourself, and your partners, from unwanted pregnancy or disease. Then learn what you like and what your partner likes. And let the fun begin. The key to good sex (which is even more fun) is the ability to communicate your needs and make the other person happy.


Sex should be held in high regard and not treated as a "cheap trick." Anyone can roll around in bed having sex, but sex does not mean you love that person or that they love you. True sex is meant to share with someone you really love. It's pleasurable. Sex is a wonderful thing and the best way you can share your soul with the one you love. If you play around with sex as just pure "fun" and don't consider the other person's feelings, then you may regret it. Every time you sleep with someone, you could be sleeping with someone who has slept other people. HIV, AIDS and Herpes are on the rise. So have safe sex, and do it with someone you love. And, yes, if you want to put it in simple terms, sex is fun.


It's supposed to be. It's also supposed to be responsible and voluntary, which means you should know about safe sex and be prepared to deal with the consequences of your encounter, and that you both should know -- and honor -- the meaning of "No." (And just for the record, that means underage people, and your employees and patients and students, etc. are off limits.)

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