Is myy butt big

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Look at your butt.

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Q: Is myy butt big
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Myy Boyfriend is jealous of Myy friends who are boys?

tell him that your just friends and if he cant handle it go find someone else because if you to don't have trust you don't have anything

If your girlfriend has a big butt should you slap it?

By all means. But if she doesn't like it, be respectful. I agree i love it when my girlfriend lets me squeeze her bubble butt i love women with big round butts that's the way they shgould be

When a guy says you have a fat butt what does that mean?

it means exactly what is says, that you have a fat butt. its a good thing, because most guys like big butts. so be happy!! i wish i was you ; )

When a guy hits your butt?

Usually when a guy hits yr butt he is either flirting with you or hitting yr butt because he thinks its really big an likes to watch it jiggle. Trust me i have had a lot of guys hit my butt an most of then were just doing it because they like it an like to watch it move. My boyfriend likes to always hit my butt because he thinks its big an like to watch it move an shake. So young ladies out there if a guy hits yr butt don't take it offensive unless its somebody that you don't know an they just walk up behind you an hit your butt. If that was to happen to me i would beat the crap out of the guy that done it to me. So ladies beat the crap out of any guy that hits yr butt if you don't know them. If its someone you know that does it just smile an sneak over to them an hit them right back on their butt.

Can eating meat make your butt big?

No, not really, especially lean meat. But when talking about meat with a lot of fat in it like high-marbled beef or pork, and other fatty foods, then yes, all that can and will go to your hips and butt.

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