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yes. it's okay to have boyfriend at the age of 12, as long as it is an inspiration and it should not bother your studies.

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Q: Is it okay if a 12 yr old girl have a boyfriend?
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Is it okay for your 12 year old boyfriend to say he loves you?

Yes, it is perfectly fine for your twelve year old boyfriend to say he loves you.

Is it okay if a 12-year-old boy kisses a 12-year-old girl on the head?


Can a 12 year old girl have a boyfriend?

A 12 year old girl is kind of young to have a boyfriend. It would be better 12 year old boys and girls work on just being friends first, until they are a bit older.

Is it okay to sleep with a girl at the age of 12?

no, it is not okay! A 12 year old is still a CHILD, ... find a girl your age you don't need a 12 year old girl to see if there faster and no it's not true . It would be illegal as well and result in felony charges.

Is it okay for a twelve year old boy to have a girl friend?

yes it is "ok", but most people would agree that at 12 you can't have a legitimate relationship. But, if you like a girl there's nothing that says you can't be her boyfriend.

Is it okay if a thirteen year old girl has sexual contact with a ellven year old girl?

No, it is not okay. It is going to be illegal to have sexual contact with anyone under the age of 12.

Is it okay for a 12 year old to have an 11 year old boyfriend?

Yes! That is okay because when you grow up and get married there might be a big difference in your husband's age and your age

Is it okay for a 12 year old girl to date a 15 year old boy?

Yeah, I guess.

Is 97 pounds an okay weight for a 12 year old girl that is 4'12?


Is a 12 year old girl too young to have a boyfriend?

12 is too young to have a serious relationship.

Is okay for a 12 year old to have an online boyfriend when he doesn't ask her questions about real life?

wll ya but you shouldint cuase the guy could be 90 or 40 he could be a criminal or even a girl

Is it weird for a 15 year old guy to date a 12 year old girl?

No. because I am 12. and my boyfriend is 15. he is sweet and we are in love.

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