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You should stay awake for at least 6 hours.

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Q: Is it ok to sleep when you think you have a concussion?
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Should you sleep if you have a concussion?

it is entirely ok to sleep after a minor concussion- if that is all you have. try remember your last name/first name/phone number etc if not seek medical attention immediatly

What do you do if you think you have a minor concusion?

If you think you have a minor concussion, you should see a doctor. Don't go to sleep.

What do you do if you think you have a minor concussion?

Go to the doctor, it is also very important that you remain conscious and don't go to sleep unless a doctor or other health care professional has given the "ok"

Can you die from concussion?

You can but not if you sleep.

Is it bad to sleep after concussion?


How long can you sleep with a concussion?

four hours

Can you paralyze?

only if you go to sleep when you have the concussion

Can you sleep after a concussion?

You can sleep after a concussion. This was not recommended for years to observe a person for any changes after a concussion. People worried that the person may go into a coma and never wake up. This is no longer believed to be true. You can allow someone to sleep after a concussion. This should cut down on sleep deprivation for all involved. People with concussion should be seen by a doctor if they were unconscious for more than 5 minutes or amnesia persists or if they do not appear to behave normally.

Can concussions paralyze you?

only if you go to sleep when you have the concussion

How long keep awake possable concussion?

This is a myth. Say if your child hits their head and u think they have a concussion...they can go to sleep, as long as they will wake up when lightly shaken or called by name you are fine.

Is it OK to sleep back to a TV?

no i don't think so.

Should you go to sleep or stay awake if you had a concussion 10 hours ago?

go to sleep

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