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Q: Is it illegal to buy drugs from a doctor online with no prescription?
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What are some elegal drugs?

Illegal drugs include cocaine, crank, weed, any drug that you do not have a prescription for can be illegal.

What is the definition of prescription and non prescription drugs?

Prescription drugs require a prescription from a doctor to get. Non-prescription drugs can be bought by anyone. Certain eye medicine and deodorant can be considered prescription drugs that have to be ordered. Other types of drugs, like advil and other pain killers can be bough as non-prescription drugs.

What Online Pharmacy with no prescription?

You will not be sent prescription drugs without a prescription by a reputable online pharmacy. That is a matter of fact. A legitimate pharmacy is not prepared to do so. You may find that you are ready to send these medicines to an illegal pharmacy. However, these firms usually do not have controls in place, they shipped or sometimes shipped dangerous or fake medications. They often constitute fronts for organised crime or simply to steal details of your credit card. If your pharmaceutical condition requires a diagnosis and/or prescription, visit your doctor. You shouldn't take these 'some drugs' if you don't have a prescription.You can try chemistsworld online pharmacy.

How long can you use prescription drugs after the expiration date?

It is probably unsafe to use prescription drugs after the expiration date, and you should renew the prescription or contact your doctor.

What drug precedes the use of illegal or illicit drugs?

Alcohol and prescription drugs. Or none at all. Stupid question.

Related questions

Report illegal sale of prescription drugs?

You can report illegal sales of prescription drugs to your local law enforcement agency. How can one report to a doctor

Is it illegal to buy these drugs online?

It depends on what kind of drugs you are referring to, buying prescription drugs online would be legal, although i never heard of buying prescription drugs online, however of course its illegal to any buy any illegal drug online, that is the same as buying drugs from a local dealer. But is it safe to buy illegal drugs online? I don't know.

Is it illegal to order meds online?

As long as you have a valid prescription, there is nothing illegal about ordering drugs online.

Is getting an online prescription from a doctor online legal?

Yes. There are many websites that will allow you to get a prescription form a doctor online. HOWEVER, usually, they can only prescribe a subset of drugs (not all drugs can be prescribed online). Be careful who you go with as there are some online pharmacies that dispense fake drugs

What drugs are illegal in sport?

Any drug that requires a prescription (unless you have the a prescription) as well as illegal drugs.

What are the positives of taking drugs?

If it is prescription recommended by a doctor, it will improve your health. But if you are using illegal drugs your are digging your own grave, there is nothing positive about using illegal drugs and your health will decline leading to death.

You are American but how do you get prescription drugs in Canada?


Is it illegal to possess generic drugs?

Not if you have a prescription for them.

What drugs are illegal in New Zealand?

Any prescription drugs that were not prescribed by a doctor are illegal, but any internationally illegal drug (i.e. cocaine) is followed out in New Zealand. New Zealand is known for it's massive dealings (usually with Methamphetamine) with China on illegal drugs.

Is it legal to buy prescription drugs without a prescription online?

No. prescription drugs require a prescription in the U.S.A and Europe.

How are medicines and drugs the same?

For medicine you need a prescription and drugs are illegal.

Do people sell drugs on eBay?

Illegal drugs and prescription-only drugs cannot be sold on eBay. Non-prescription drugs are sometimes available.

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