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it is bad to use ecstasy any time :- This goes without saying but if you die from 3 days you are equally likely to die from 1

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Q: Is it good to take ecstasy 3 days in a row?
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What happens to your body if you take ecstasy for 7 days in a row?

dont do it. (Probably well advised) but, I have never done drugs before and have just done 6 days straight. (They were strong) Feel fine

What if you haven't eaten in 2 days but you have been using Ecstasy?

Well get something to eat, QUICK! You are probably very dehydrated, too. Two days without food is just not right, doesn't matter what you've been using. Definitely agreed. You shouldn't be doing ecstasy for multiple days in a row either.

Is it ok to take ecstasy two days in a row?

No. The second day the ecstasy will probably have almost no effect on you, because there are almost no serotonin left in your brain. You need to let yourself some time to rebuild them, take care of yourself and eat healthy before you can do it again. You could be ok if you take it one week later, but the best is to wait at least two weeks before doing it again.

Is it safe to take a laxative two days in a row?

no its not it can hurt your body

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If you take a two of puffs of marijuana twenty one days in a row how long will it take you to get clean?

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It is not a good idea to work the same muscles two days in a row, especially after vigorous workouts. The muscles need a day of rest to repair themselves.

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joe vara, ima have to ask you to stop with the bene you

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