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Yes, the pain may indicate a problem especially if it is persistent and affects your daily life. Unless you have menstrual cramps which is natural for a woman and I reccommend Pamprin or Midol.

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Q: Is it bad if your stomach cramps and hurts a lot?
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How bad are the cramps in early pregnancy?

Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. I had cramps during my first pregnancy which felt a lot like period cramps, but I did not have cramps during my other two pregnancies. They usually disappear after the third month (12 weeks.)

What are the signs before you start your period?

When you have very bad head ache , when your stomach hurts , when you back hurts , when you have growth spurts , dishcarge , borwn discharge , when your breats hurt / tender , when you are itchy *down there* only some cases though , when you are tired most of the time , when you don't pay attention as much in class , and when you have a lot of mood swings. I hope that helped! :)

Why do I get cramps in my toes?

Cramps tend to be more common with increasing age and are thought to be due to gradual shortening of the tendons which attach muscles to bones. Cramps can occur after exercise when a muscle has been used a lot. Dehydration can make this worse.

What happens if you burp a lot?

You'll release a lot of gases out of your stomach.

Why do you keep having spasms in your stomach?

If you eat a lot of acidic food, and/or go for a long time in between eating, you will be more prone to stomach cramps/spasms. Try cutting down on coffee/cola/fizzy drinks (if you do drink them, they're quite acidic). You may also find that cutting down on very high fat foods helps (butter, chocolate, cream etc...) Also, try eating slightly slower and eating less but more often. Drinking very cold water can cause stomach spasms, as can drinking a lot during meal times. You may also find that a mild antacid helps you - try one just before you feel a stomach spasm coming on. If all that fails, try keeping a food diary (what you eat/drink, at what time, how much of it etc...) and marking in when your stomach cramps happen. After a few weeks, you may notice a correlation according to something that you're eating.

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Why does my lower stomach hurt?

sometimes when your sick, your lower stomach hurts or because you've been exercising your abs a lot. most likely is, if your a girl, that its cramps from your time of the month

Severe bad tummy cramps and pooing a lot and sleeping a lot?

If you are having severe tummy cramps, using the restroom, and sleeping a lot you could be suffering from PMS or a stomach bug. A doctor can diagnose you in his office.

How do you get rid of stomach cramps?

You can just drink a lot of water

What is the very common symptoms of a pregnant women?

Stomach cramps and a lot of pain

What does it mean when dogs eat a lot of grass?

it means there stomach hurts

What happen when you take too much calcium?

your stomach hurts a lot

What happens if you eat cake with too much baking powder?

Your stomach will hurt, and if you ate a lot of it, you might feel as if you can't move because your stomach hurts so bad. It also will not taste very good.

Where does crohns disease begin?

It begins when your intestine gets inflamed and your stomach hurts you a lot.

What would I have or not have when your neck hurts and can't move it then your stomach hurts with a lot of diary Then small migraines these all keep going on and off for 3 days?

There is a few things that could be wrong when your neck, head and stomach hurts. You could be getting a bug.

Does Flat foot surgery hurt a lot?

yes it hurts really bad

Why do you vomit and throw up when your stomach hurts?

because when this happens it means your stomach is rejecting what ever you ate so its basically saying "thanks a lot"

If your stomach hurts after you eat is that a sign of pregnancy?

Ah, no. There would be a lot of other symptoms to consider the possibility of pregnancy.

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