Is it bad for your health if you sleep late?

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No, of course not! Sleeping is good, it's better to sleep in than to not sleep at all.

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Q: Is it bad for your health if you sleep late?
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Why is it bad to stay up late?

because you lose a lot of sleep and have eyebags. It is extremely bad for your health

Why is it bad to sleep late at night?

you can die younger

Is getting too much sleep bad for your health?

No,Sleep is good for the brain, the mouth, and the immune system

What are the behaviors of people that have bad mental health?

People with bad mental health could not study well, sleep well, or have brain problems.

If you constantly stay up late is it bad for your health?

Stay up as late as you want as long as you get 7-8 hours of sleep regularly. If you are consistantly getting less than 7 hours sleep, it can wear down the body and hinder the bodies ability to heal and grow. it is really bad for your health if you constantly stay up late at night because you will be stressed out and as all we know stressed are the major substance to make those cancer cell alive in your body so if i were you take a rest and be sure that you still have 7 to 8 hrs sleep to gain body strength hehehe

Is it bad to eat late at night even if you sleep during the daytime?

you should be sleeping at night and up in the daytime or it is bad for you

Is nocturnal em issions bad for health?

No their quite normal and natural. As long as you get enough sleep your as healthy as can be

What will happen if you go to sleep late?

When you go to sleep late your body feels more tired and weak. Your body is used to going to sleep earlier. New answer: if you go to sleep late, ur mother will spazz at you and u'll regret it... but i sleep late. =.=

What happens when people don't get enough sleep?

well you can become so exhausted that your body can pass out and it is bad for your health.

If your health is a week late are you pregnant?

if your health is a week late could you be pregnant.

What is the effect of to much sugar?

You get hyper, crazy, hard to sleep at night if you eat the sugar near your bedtime, bad teeth, bad health, you can get fat, and you can get really lazy.

Is not enough sleep bad for you?

Yes, it is bad for you. Now go to sleep.

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