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i have nooo clue ....

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Q: Is having a clear discharge come from your penis after you poop normal?
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What does penis discharge mean?

It means that there is something leaking out of your penis when you are not urinating or having sex.

Is it normal to secrete a whitish discharge from your penis when you are having a bowel movement?

I haven't heard of this happening before during a mans bowel movement. The whitish discharge sounds like you may have a infection present in your penis. See your doctor for a examination.

Is it normal for an 11-year-old to have a gooey clear discharge come out of his penis?

Yes; it is perfectly normal. This would probably be the beginning of puberty for you. For information on this you should probably talk to your parents or a school counselor.

What is a gooey clear discharge that came out of an 11-year-old's penis?

This is called semen. It is perfectly normal. For more information you should probably talk to your parents or a school counselor.

Is having a seven inch penis normal?


Is it normal for a uncircumcised penis to produce too much fluid?

It is normal for the glans (head) of an uncircumcised penis to remain slightly moist, as it is protected by the foreskin and kept moist. A few drops of urine may also drip from the penis in the minutes following urination. While erect or during periods of sexual excitement, it is normal for a clear liquid called pre-ejaculatory fluid to sometimes drip from the penis. This is normal. However, if your penis has an unusual discharge or fluid, you should see your doctor, as this may be a symptom of a medical problem.

What color is your discharge after chlamydia treatment?

A couple of weeks after successful treatment for chlamydia, vaginal discharge should return to the woman's previous normal, and discharge from the penis should be gone.

How do you know if the guy has pre-ejaculate fluid?

If a clear watery discharge seeps out of the opening at the tip of the penis glands.

Is it normal for a 12 years old boy who is uncircumcised to have discharge from penis?

Take him to the doctor - he might have an infection.

What does it mean if you have irregular clear penile discharge and pain in the tip of the penis?

it means that you have Cancer inside the tip of your Penis.... I am Very sorry. Either consult your Doctor and he'll have to amputate your penis or Do it your self.

You are are 13 and have a 2 inch penis is something wrong?

No, having a penis is normal, even at age 13.

Why does some one year old dog has green pus coming out of his penis?

this may need checked out by a vet to check he does not have an infection. some male entire dogs will have a degree of discharge from the penis and prepuce (the skin that covers the penis) so this may also be normal for your dog. the vet will be able to tell the difference and give you suggestions to help minimise the discharge if it is normal.

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