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Yes. One hit and some people are addicted. A person trying heroin once or twice will not get as addicted so quickly. Crystal Meth is also easy to come by and cheap so it's popular out on the streets. The effects of this stuff are utterly devastating, so leave it alone! Crystal meth is very expensive and ordinary poor people cannot afford it. the withdrawal symptoms for crystal meth are worse than those of heroin. ----- The distinction needs to be made between typically low quality meth and what is know as ice (or crystal meth). If you are referring to ice, then yes, it is rather expensive. But you can find lower quality meth rather cheaply. In many rural areas, it is much, much easier to find meth than it is to find heroin, and it is also much, much cheaper. I don't know if you could argue that the withdrawal symptoms are worse than heroin. One that becomes addicted to heroin or an opiate is going to go through severe physical withdrawals that may require hospitalization. In some cases, a heroin replacement, such as methadone or suboxone, is required to treat heroin withdrawals. On top of this, there are psychological withdrawal symptoms as well (i.e. insomnia, depression, anxiety, agitation, extreme cravings, etc). With crystal meth, physical withdrawal is minimal. For the most part, the withdrawals are psychological in nature. Insomnia, depression, anxiety, agitation, and other psychological withdrawal symptoms are present, like with heroin. These psychological withdrawal symptoms often improve (but are likely still present) after 3-5 days of cessation of use. Withdrawal from meth is typically a much shorter process than withdrawal from heroin.

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2009-07-18 20:58:40
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Q: Is crystal methamphetamine more addictive than heroin?
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