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yes marijuana is a narcotic. the definition of a narcotic is a substance that is used to change your mood or feeling and marijuana does exactly that.

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Q: Is Marijuana a narcotic drug
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What category is marijuana?

Narcotic Drug

Which drug is often incorrectly classified as a narcotic?


Is marijuana considered a narcotic?

No, a narcotic is a hand made drug, marijuana comes from a plant and can also be used for medical reasons but some people still call it a narcotic.

Is it marijuana or heroin or cocaine that is a narcotic?

Heroin is the narcotic. Cocaine is a stimulant. Marijuana fits slightly into most drug categories, and it is often classified as a hallucinogen.

What kind of drug is herion?

which of the following is a narcotic marijuana heroin cocaine

What drug category is marijuana listed?

Marijuana is considered to be a "downer" considering that it relaxes the user and can make the user drowsy. The drug is a narcotic

Which of the following is a narcotic marijuana cocaine or heroine?

All of the above are accredited to being narcotics though truly only heroine is. The true definition of a narcotic is a drug deprived from the drug opium, such as opium, heroine, and morphine.

Why is Marijuana narcotic?

The word narcotic, usually refers to derivatives of the opium plant, but common usage has come to include any drug that affects the brain in a similar way or is illegal.

Is zanaflex a narcotic drug?

No it is not narcotic...

Are benzodiazepines a narcotic drug?

Benzodiazepines are not narcotic drug. But it is included in the list of narcotic drugs in some countries.

Is marijauna a psychedelic drug?

nope. marijuana is a narcotic used for medicine and midesinal usage. psychedelic drugs can not and will not be used for medical issues.

Which is an example of a narcotic drug?

Just ONE? PCP is a common one now, including cocaine, meth, heroin, and [controversially] marijuana.

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