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Fentanyl is a generic drug.

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Generic name

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Q: Is Fentanyl the brand or generic name?
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Other names for Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is the generic name of the drug. One brand name for fentanyl is Duragesic.

Is Fentanyl oxymorphone?

No - Oxymorphone is a generic name for Opana.

What is another term for generic drug?

A drug can be listed by either its brand name or its generic name. The brand name is what the company that makes it has labeled it and the generic name is its chemical name. Some examples: Tylenol (brand name).....Acetaminophen (generic or chemical name) Motrin (brand name)......Ibuprofen (generic or chemical name) Prilosec (brand name)....Omeprazole (generic or chemical name) Benadryl (brand name)...Diphenhydramine (generic or chemical name)

Is there an generic for fentanyl?

generic for fentnyl

Is the name Prednisone generic or brand name?

prediSONE is a generic name

Why aren't generic painkillers as good as name brand painkillers?

Generic are just as good as name brand. It is in the mind that makes one believe that generic is not as good as name brand.

What is the generic name for clonidine?

The generic name is clonidine and the brand name is Catapres..

Is the name cocodamol a brand name or a generic name?

more likekly a generic name.

What does 'Generic' mean?

Generic means off brand or not having a well known brand name. It can also be used to describe a medication, it's generic name is the medical name for the medicine. Tylenol is a brand name, but the medicine is really acetamenophen (generic).

Is papaverine generic or brand name?

This is the generic name for the drug. Brand names include Pavabid and Pavagen TD.

Is bleomycin a generic medication or brand name?

It is a generic name of one of the antibiotic.

What last longer name brand or generic batteries?

name brand

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