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Yes you can, actually it makes it alot easier to get pregnant.

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2009-02-15 23:04:57
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Q: If your tube are burned and tied could you get pregnant?
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What are the odds of getting pregnant if tubes were tied 8 years ago?

u can get pregnant if your tube were tied and not burned

Had my tube tied have not seen my cycle in two months could you be pregnant?

Yes, you could have tubular pregnancy. You need to go to the Doctors.SAP

I was pregnant an i had a sis on my left tube and they had to take my tube could i still get pregnant an how?

You can still become pregnant, although it will be more difficult. You still have the right ovary and tube intact. And depending on how much of your tube they had to take out if it wasn't much they could still grow back. That happens sometimes with women that have had their tubes tied.

Is it possible to get pregnant when your tubes have been tied since 2000?

Can you get Pregnant with only one tube one ovary and being tied?

Can you get pregnant after having one tube tied and the other is fine?

Yes, you can.

Can you get pregnant after having one tube tied and having an ectopic in the other?

If the tube you had a Etopic pregnancy in was not removed then yes you can become pregnant. Otherwise no.

Can you get pregnant if tubes are not bURNED ANDJust tied?

Yes you can, Generally doctors today will only do tubal litigation as well as burning together due to the high risk of Fallopian tube pregnancy's

How could you get pregnant with out doing the surgery for tube reversal you had your tubes cut tied and burned?

Ask God! He is faithful to hear you and to answer your prayers. Ask and you will receive! If you believe in your heart and not doubt the things which you ask will come to pass!God made you, he can repair you! He is good!

After ligation it is possible to be pregnant again?

After ligation tube cut and burned theirs a possible to get pregnant

You feel pregnant and your tube are tide?

Do you suppose to feel sick when your tubes are tied

Can a woman get pregnant after tube tied?

Actually 1 in 200 women will become pregnant after having their tubes tied. I, myself, experienced this. So, yes it is possible.

Is it save to get pregnant after tube tied?

Not possible unless you have your tubes untied...which is costly and dangerous!

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