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Essentially it will take a long time for your body to start losing weight because you body goes into starvation mode. So if you do eat very little like one strawberry a day (or anything in small portions) your body think " Hey, this is the only food I am going to get for a while so I am going to store it up!" So instead of your body turning all the nutrients into good carbs or protiens, it stores and your body doesn't use it for energy. Eventually if you don't eat for a long enough period of time your body will start using muscle to live off of and you will basically diminish and become extremely weak.

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Q: If you dont eat will you gain weight?
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How do i eat but not gain weight'?

dont eat

When you skinny how do you gain weight?

just eat more and dont stop

When you eat a diet that is high in carbohydrates you?

You gain weight if you dont exercise

Why do you eat so much and dont gain any weight?

Metabolism and/or work out

Can you gain weight while smoking?

Yes, smoking can raise your heartrate but it is still possible to gain weight if you dont eat properly or excersise

Can you gain weight in 2 days?

Of Course!! People gain weight everyday, you just have to eat more than usual and dont get too much exercise.

How can lifestyle affect weight?

if you eat in the resturan and dont cook then you will gain weight lol did you know that? u 7 lol

Why do you gain weight when you eat very little?

you don't gain weight when you eat very little. you need to exercise and eat little portions of your meal and you will not gain weight, you will gain muscle by working out but not the weight.

When you eat sweets do you gain weight?

Yes you do gain weight.

What causes people to gain weight and lose weight?

If you eat fatty foods like Oreos or twinkies. Also if you dont exercise

Why should you stop eating junk food?

You shouldnt eat junkfood so you dont gain weight.

How can you gain 10 pounds fast because you are very skinny for your height?

easey. what you do is you eat alot. i tend to eat when i get bored and also when im hungry and i seem to be gaining alot of weight latly that i dont want. im working on loosing it, but to gain weight is simple, just eat and dont think about how fatty the food is just keep eating and sooner or later ull gain alot of weight.

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