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Weight is worked out on height not age.

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Q: If you are 13 and 15 stone are you overweight?
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If you are 14 stone 5ft 9 are you overweight?

You are a little overweight. 12 to 13 stone would be better.

Is 13 stone overweight for a 21 year old at 5ft2inch?


Is 13 stone overweight?

No, 13 stone is not necessarily overweight. Weight is related to height and body composition. Please see the page links, further down this page, for more information.

I am 5'4 and 13 years old is 8 stone 9 over weight?

So your 5'4 13 and 8 stone 9 That is not overweight :)

If im 5ft 4inc and 15 stone are you over weight?

yes you are overweight

If you are 13 years old weigh 8.10 stone and are 5.6 feet tall are you overweight?


Im 15 and 12 stone are you overweight?

I'm 15 5'7 and 164lbs (11,13) It depends on your hight if your 5'11 or higher your fine if bellow your just a bit overweight

Are you overweight if you are aged 15 5 foot 11 and 10 stone 1 lb please answer truthfully?


Is 9 stone overweight for a 15 year old?

no it doesn't sound overweight, but it really depends on how tall you are, if you give me your height i could tell you. hope i helped. I don't think 9 stone is overweight for a 15 year old. I'm 11 stone and I'm 14. Yeah, it does depend what height you are. If you're tall, people don't tend to tell if you're overweight... And anyway, you don't need to worry, you're not overweight, unless you're like 4 foot, which I doubt you're not. :) x

13 year old girl that is 14 stone obese?

I'm 13 and I weigh 14 stone, it depends on how tall you are. I'm 174cm, so I'm not obeae, just stupidly overweight.

Is 9 stone overweight for a 13 year old girl?

your not over weight, if you you are work-out or go to the local gym.

How many kg is 15 stone 13 pounds?

15 st 13 lbs converts to 101.2kg

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