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Try explaining WHAT HURTS first, then I can help you :)

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Q: I get big bruise for very small hurt and it is very painfully?
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Do gunshots hurt?

Yes, very painfully. The bullet rips the first layer of the skin, then to your nerve cells, causing unbearable pain, which you can die from.

Do spider bites bruise?

Yes, spider bites bruise and its very normal.

How do you eat God of War?

Very painfully, I'd assume.

What to do if you get kicked in the balls very painfully?

Put some ice on it.

Can a hedgehog live with a hamster?

Of course not! Hamsters are very small and would get hurt.

Is ingesting antifreeze harmful?

YES! It can kill you very painfully and quickly.

Are starfish spiky?

a little bit but not enough to hurt you, they have very very small raised spikes/bumps

Is it possible to cut someone in half with a plastic butter knife?

Yes you could cut some one in half but it would hurt like @#$%ing hell to the victim. But they would die very painfully!

Will small turtles bite?

small turtles might try to bite, but they will not hurt very much if they do because their mouths are so small.

Can a bruise under toenail be cancer?

It might. It depends on how you got it. I have a bruise under my toenail from my friend who stepped on my foot with her high heels on. If this comes out of the blue, and it won't stop hurting, then you might have it. It's very rare. If you got this from something that hurt your toenail like I did, then It probably is not skin cancer.

What is a deep bruise?

A deep bruise is a bruise deep inside your skin. Like near the muscle, vein, or even bone. Deep bruises can go very deep (lol)

Rib head subluxation?

There are little muscles where yours ribs connect to your spin in your back. If you tear on of these muscles it is very painfully I can hurt to even breath. I takes about a week and a half for the pain to stop without treatment.

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