How relax myself?

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Breath in and out deeply three times. Have a bath, a cup of tea or put a hot towel over your face and lie down!

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Q: How relax myself?
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How can you relax at home?

Yes because I live by myself

How do you hit your irons better in golf?

When ever I golf I relax and enjoy myself, I also imagine lines or angles.

Do you relax more with friends or alone?

This is a question that will vary from person to person.I relax more when I'm alone. I like the peace and quiet; the silence. It gives me room to breathe and I can hear myself "think" better.

Is seeing spirits considered a bad omen?

no i myself see and talk to them and i concider it a blessing :) if you are seeing them just relax and enjoy it.

What do you do if you're mad?

It depends on what I am mad about. Most of the time I would separate myself from what is making me mad and do what helps me relax best.

What is the Hebrew word for relax?

to relax = neergah (×?רגע)neergah (×?רגע) = to relax

What is good about gaming?

Well, I believe that it's a very good way to keep yourself busy. Also, it helps you relax and drown out the world around you. (I'm a gamer myself!)

What part of speech is can relax?

Can and relax are verbs.

Is relax a verb?

Yes, relax is a verb.

How do you say relax in Hebrew?

to relax = neergah (נרגע)

How to say relax in spanish?

<Relax>, as an order, like (you) relax: "Relájate" en español relajar

What is good for when your heart hurts?

any type of aspirn. I know because,i have a heart condidition myself. Drink some water after it. also, try and relax. Stay away from sugar or caffinated beverages.

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