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1 cup.

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Q: How much water does 1 cup of coffee equal?
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How much water does it take to make coffee?

For a full cup of coffee you need approximately a cup of water.

How much water to drink after coffee?

4 cups of water after every cup of coffee, to stay hydrated

How much soda do you need to drink to equal one cup of coffee?


How much ground coffee needed for one cup of coffee?

2 tablespoons of Ground Coffee per 6 0z of water (1 cup).

How much water is used in a cup of coffee?

8 ounces is the average.

How much is 1 cup of warm water in ml?

One cup of warm water is equal to 250 ml. A half cup of water is equal to 125 ml and 1/3 cup is equal to 80 ml.

How much water does it take to neutralize a cup of coffee's acid?

7 cups of water

Is a cup of water with coffee in it the same as 1 cup of water?

The volume of a cup stays a cup. But the specific weight of your coffee will be slightly higher than pure water.

How much does a cup of coffee weigh?

The volume measure of a cup is 236.6 milliliter or 236.6 cubic centimeter. Only if you think of pure water, you can say: 1 Milliliter weighs 1 gram. 1 cup of pure water weighs 236.6 grams. The liquid coffee is close to water, so a cup of coffee will weigh approximately the same as a cup of water.

How much does a coffee cup weigh?

There is no set weight for a coffee cup. These coffee cup's weight depends on the material and size of the cup.

How much water is there in a cup of coffee?

Well i suppose it's down to personal tastes, I.E how much milk is added, how much sugar and coffee.

How many chocolate covered coffee beans equal a cup of coffee?


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