How much is a point of heroin?

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2012-10-25 15:36:02

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A 'point' of heroin is a tenth of a gram, or .1 gram.

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2012-10-25 15:36:02
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Q: How much is a point of heroin?
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How much heroin in a bundle?

how much is a bundle of heroin

Is Lortab the same as heroin?

No, heroin is much much stronger.

How much heroin is one hit?

how much heroin is one serving

Why does heroin cause pin point pupils?

Heroin relaxes the muscles in your body. The iris is the muscle in your eye that controls the size of your pupil and how much light is let in. When you take heroin it relaxes this muscle making your pupil appear smaller. "uppers" like cocaine will do the opposite.

How much is a finger of heroin?

A finger refers to 7 to 9 grams of heroin.

How much is a button of heroin?

A button of heroin is equal to approximately the size of a dime bag.

How much Xanax and heroin can kill you?

To much! Lol

What is the point of cooking heroin?

Heroin comes in a freebase hcl powder, in this form it can be smoked or snorted. But most users IV (inject) heroin as it is much more intense. Cooking heroin simply means mixing it with water (and sometimes citric acid) then heating untill the powder dissolve and what is left is a brown liquid which is then sucked into a needle (through a filter) then injected. So to put it simply, 'cooking heroin! is simply a preperation for injecting.

How much is a kilo of heroin?

2.2 lbs

How much heroin is in a sleeve?

234 grams

How many points in a gram of heroin?

1 point is 0.002 so its 500

What does heroin test positive for?

Heroin. Actually, there's seldom much interest in distinguishing which specific opioid drug you took, so heroin, opium itself, and morphine all test as pretty much the same thing.

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