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This is a very broad question. It's like asking how much a slice of Pizza costs. It all depends by place, but a gram of legal medical marijuana costs anywhere from 8 dollars to 20 dollars. For example, a gram of marijuana in New York City might cost 20 dollars (because marijuana is illegal in NY), but a gram of marijuana in Colorado might cost 8 dollars (marijuana is legal and is grown alot in Colorado).

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Q: How much does a gram of marijuana usually go for?
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What happens when you are caught with possession of marijuana?

It usually depends on where you are, but you will be charged with possession of Marijuana, and go to jail for 1 year or longer, depending on how much you have.

How much does 8 grams of marijuana go for?

In canada, its 10 bucks a gram when buying by the gram . . $80 bucks . . but . . if you buy a quarter ounce (which is 7. something grams) you can pick it up for about 60 bucks . . sell by the gram my friend.

How much does a gram of MDMA cost?

.1 gram is how people usually buy and at a club that can go for 20 and grams go for $75-$115 depending who u know and where your at.

How much is marijuana in CA?

10 bucks a gram That guy must be buying some dirt weed. In California weed is expensive since it is mostly high quality stuff, so the set price is $20 a gram. Some dealers will go to $15 a gram if you know them and it isn't too high end, but no one sells for $10 a gram. In Canada, it's usually $10 for regular stuff. Some Kush, and other things go for $20 per gram. Something like Afghan or OG Kush will run $20, but things not as popular, or not as good such as Code Red will go for $10

How much should you pay for marijuana?

well sir it depends on how much you get and how good of a hook you have. you should pay no more than 20 dollars for a gram. half eights go for 25 and they usually give you about a 1.7 eights can be anwhere from 35 for 65 dollars depending on how good the weed is ot going to kill you so start

How much marijuana does it take to go to jail?

Depending on where you live you'll get off with probation for your first offense if it's under 50 grams or go to jail for having any. Luckily a few police officers will let you go of it's a gram or less, but some are pretty mean about it.

What legal punishment will be given if you were caught with a used marijuana pipe and less than a gram of marijuana in Oregon?

You can go to jail for up to 2 years depending on how much you were caught with, and your past felonies. Let me tell you this I have had so many charges for this it isn't funny; nothing to worry about man, trust me, a slap on the wrist if anything. For just a pipe and less than a gram of Marijuana? You get a Possession ticket, and then you'll have to pay a fine from $200-$300 I don't know, but my sister's boyfriend is from Oregon and said most hippie people own a load of marijuana and get away with it.

Does the court test you there for marijuana?

yes they can test you there and usually if you go to court they test you at the court house

How much does one gram of chlorine cost?

Go to a pool store

How much should a gram of Strawberry Haze cost in Virginia?

a gram of strawberry haze should go for atleast 15 or 20 dollas for a gram makes since!!

How much does a gram of heroin go for?

In the Worcester, MA area a g will go for $80. Usually people buy .5 gs for $40 around there. I'm sure the price varies depending on location and quality, but this is what I pay.

How much does nitrogen cost per gram?

There isn't an answer for this UNLESS ! You go to the website...

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