How much do your finger nails grow each day?

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they grow less then a centimeter a day

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Q: How much do your finger nails grow each day?
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How much does the Atlantic ocean grow each year?

About an inch (east to west) - about what your finger nails grow. (North to south - not at all.)

Are fingernails made of bone?

Finger nails are made of dead protein. Therefore if you start eating much more meat or other protein filled foods, your finger and toe nails will grow quicker. :)

Why do the pinky nails grow faster?

Because You Don't Do A Lot With Your Pinky Finger Nails. All Your Other Nails Grow Slower Because You Do A Lot More To Damage Your Fingers And You Use Them A Whole Lot More Frequently. Your Pinky Finger Is Barely Used, So The Nail Grows Faster And Is Not Damaged As Much, Maintaining Its Growth.

What can you do to make your nails grow?

wait. not much else.

What can you do to make nails grow?

wait. not much else.

Is there anything herbal you can put on your nails to make them grow a lot faster?

No. In fact there isn't much you can do at all to make your nails grow faster.

How much do your nails grow a year?

If you eat a healthy diet they can grow 12 feet

How much time for a nail to grow?

Nails grow at a rate of about 2cm per year.

How much do nails grow in a week?

It grows less then a centimeter a week

Why must not people eat nails?

People must not eat nails because your nails are attached to your fingers and It is likely that if you bite your nails you will bite too far and rip your nail from your finger. We all know how much that will hurt.

How much faster do your fingernails grow than toe nails?

4x faster

Is a shopping bag of feathers lighter than a shopping bag of nails?

It depends how much feathers and how much nails are in each bag

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