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You normally grow about one or two more inches. But that's it!

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Q: How much do you grow after your period?
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How much longer will your breasts grow after your first period?

i believe until your 18

How many inches do girls grow after their first period?

Well every girl is diffrent so you never know much you will grow.

How much do teenagers grow when they sleep?

you cannot grow over night. it is impossible it takes a longer period of time than over night.

Do you grow after your period?

You will have your period until you are about 50 and you grow when you are in puberty , whether you bleed or not that month. We grow until we are about 18-20.

I am 11.6 years old 5'2 and 105 lbs I got my period today How much more will i grow?

YOU WONT GROW. You will probably grow more, it depends on ur genes

Will your breasts grow when im on your period?

No it will not grow any more.

How much does the girl grow after she gets her period?

it really depends on the girl, but it is possible to grow another 1-2 inches. some may grow more, others may grow less. if you are really concered, aske your doctor or pediatrician.

Will your chest grow after you get your period?


How much will breasts grow after receiving your period?

Your breasts will grow about double the speed of your nomal growth. Be sure to get a bra to support your breasts and do a Self Breast Exam every week!

How did people lives change as they began to domesticate animals and grow plants during the Neolithic Period?

they did not travel as much or as far

What is growth spurt in adolescent?

There is a period of time when an adolescent will grow rapidly and become much taller; this is called a growth spurt.

Do you grow after you get your period?

You will grow some because a fifth grade is obviously shorter than a twenty year old but it is very gradual and slow process. Some may not grow much. I haven't grown since about seventh grade. And some grow.

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