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Depending on what type of Pizza you are eating, but for a slice of cheese pizza there is 272 calories in a slice, and 8 grams of fat and approximately 30-35 carbohydrates.

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Q: How much carbs in one piece of pizza?
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How many carbs are in one slice of pizza?

About 40

How many carbohydrates are in a slice of domino's pizza?

One slice of cheese pizza from Domino's has 42g of carbs.

How many carbs are in 2 slices of cheese pizza?

It varies, but according to the chart one the pizza hut site, the average is about 27g carbs.

How much pepperoni can fit on one piece of pizza?

As much as you want! PILE IT ONNN! lol <3

How many carbs in one slice of thin crust pizza?

About 25

How many carbohydrates are in a piece of gum?

One piece of gum has 2g of carbs.

How many carbohydrates are in a piece of toast?

One slice of toast has 16g of carbs, wheat toast has 9g of carbs.

What is another pronoun for my pizza?

The noun phrase 'my pizza' contains one pronoun, 'my'.The word 'my' is a possessive adjective.You could change the pronoun to 'your pizza' or 'his pizza'.You could change the noun phrase 'my pizza' to 'it'.Example:Would you like a piece of my pizza?Would you like a piece of it?

Why is pizza a one dish meal?

Pizza is a one dish meal simply because it contains all the necessary food groups on one dish, ie, dairy, protein, carbs, and vegetables.

How many points plus in one slice of pizza?

5 points plus in a small piece of pizza with one meat topping

How many carbs are in one large piece of pecan pie?

how many calories are in icecream ?

What does one-eighth mean?

You can visualize this by imagining a pizza. Pretend like you're really hungry and you eat 7 pieces of that pizza. The remaining piece is one-eighth of the pizza.

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