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1 gram

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2013-04-27 21:52:12
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Q: How much can a cocaine addict take cocaine in a day?
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Can you take amphetamine every day without becoming an addict?

Captain Obvious says: if you take amphetamines every day you became an addict soon

How long does it take cocaine to show in the hair?

As much as your IQ level is. (Hint: 1 Day)

How long does it take for cocaine to get out to your system?

cocaine stays in your body for about 2-3 days from the day of intake

Can cocaine be flushed out of your system in one day?

Can cocaine be flushed out of your system in one day

Who is Vicodin addict?

Ummm....people who take a lot of vicodin. You can tell because if they dont take it for a day they will throw up and crap themselves (truth).

Can you take hydro codeine and cocaine in the same day?

Only if you want to risk cardiac arrest.

Does cocaine affect women's period?

Not unless you are doing so much cocaine, for such a prolonged period of time, that you become malnourished. Cocaine is a powerful appetite suppressant. It is impossible to eat while you're on cocaine; the most delicious food in the world tastes like cardboard. So, if you do cocaine all day long, every day, you're going to start losing a lot of weight. And if you lose too much weight, your period stops.

How much does 40 worth of cocaine weigh in grams?

That depends on how much the ILLEGAL substance is selling for on any particular day.

How much do squirrel monkeys eat daily?

The squirrel monkeys eat 12 grams of food a day if my calculations are correct.squirrel monkey addict

Why does mike puro have so much swag?

because he rolls yolos of cocaine and he just swaggs all day..

How much water should you drink in a day to get one line of cocaine out of your system?

Doesn't matter as it doesn't work.

Can you pass a home test for cocaine and fail lab test for cocaine same day?


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