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Healthy adults who are at least 17 years old, and at least 110 pounds may donate one pint of whole blood every 56 days.

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Q: How much blood can a person donate at one time?
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How much blood can a person donate at one time and how long before a major surgery can you donate it?

1 pint at a time

How much blood can one donate at a time?


How much blood can you donate at a time?

A person whose hemoglobin and weight are adequate can give nearly 500 cc of blood at a time. Blood can be donated again after interval of 3 months.

How much of a blood donation is used to help people?

1000 ml in a time can be donate blood .

How much time should you wait to donate more blood after you've already donated blood?

you should wait 6 weeks

How much blood comes out in your first period?

The amount of blood changes from person to person. But not much blood comes out for the first time.

How many pints of blood can you donate?

Normally, you can donate just one pint of blood at a time. It is also possible to donate two pints but you need to make sure you can donate one without passing out.

Can you donate blood if you have HIV?

No. HIV Victims are not able to donate blood to any blood driver for the risk of exposing other people with it. Gay and Lesbians are also unable to donate blood at the present time to risk the exposure of HIV.

Will blood get decreased if you donate the blood?

yes, but after a very short time it get regenerated in our body

Can you can donate blood more time in one day?

No, you cannot donate blood more than once per day, and even that is too frequent; your body needs time to make more blood for yourself. Once a month is often enough. If you donate blood too often, you will have a lack of blood and will become very weak, and risk serious illness.

vomiting blood and having bleeding bowl movement now much time does a person have without getting treatment?

vomiting blood and having bowl movement how much time dees a person have without getting treatment how much time does a person have without treatment

What happens to your body when you donate blood?

First of all, when you go for donating your blood you have to first undergo some medical checkups in order to prove yourself eligible to donate blood. When you donate blood after a certain period of time, your cells start regenerating and the amount you donated regenerates in the body and in this way you can again donate the blood after a period of three months or so, as soon as the blood regenerates and you stay healthy.

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