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Too many to count.

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Q: How many people were helped by medical marijuana?
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How many people use marijuana for medical purposes in the u.s. or are under conditions in which they could use medical marijuana?


How many people die from medical marijuana?

Zero. There are no records of death resulting from marijuana smoking.

How computer help in medical professions?

The computer has helped a great many people in the medical profession. It has helped with organization of medical history for example.

Why is it difficult for sellers of medical marijuana to make a profit?

Although in Many cases marijuana can help in medicinal purposes, many people fear that they will be arrested for being in possession of said marijuana

Are there any medical facilities that provide marijuana treatment for glaucoma?

There are many medical facilities that provide medical marijuana treatment for glaucoma. Almost all of these medical facilities are located in the state of California where medical marijuana is legal.

What does medical marijuana help?

Medical marijuana can help people with a wide variety of medical problems. The natural herb is a good remedy for people with anxiety, depression, glaucoma, chronic pain, and anorexia. It now is also known to help with many other medical issues. I suggest you try wiki or another site that you trust to look up other medical uses of marijuana.

How many people use medical marijuana in the us?

Well only 13 states so far have legalized medical marijuana, so it's not the whole US that's using it. Not sure about how many people, but the numbers are definitely increasing.

Do you support medical marijuana or not?

Yes. I support medical marijuana because I have been using CBD products for many days for my anxiety & I am getting a good result using it from them - ionacannabisclinic(.)com. Personally, I appreciate medical marijuana.

Where is it legal to use marijuana for medical purpose?

There are many places where it is legal to use marijuana for medical purposes. It is legal to use marijuana for medical purposes in eighteen different states and Washington DC.

Why medical marijuana is good?

It has many medical benefits and no negative side effects.

Why is marijuana allowed in some states?

There are about a dozen or so states that have passed medical marijuana laws, but the federal laws still cites that marijuana is illegal. I live in CA and the medical marijuana stores have been raided and closed in recent months. Many of the people who owned the stores are on trial for selling it.

How many states had endorsed referenda for medical marijuana by 1992?

By 1992, 35 states in the U. S. had endorsed referenda for medical marijuana.

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