How many people quit heroin?

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only oleg can quit heroin

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2013-05-09 18:32:24
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Q: How many people quit heroin?
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How do you quit heroin on your own?

To quit heroin on your own you will require patience, perseverance and a lot of self control and moral support.

What percentage of couples quit heroin together?


Can you quit heroin without using methadone?

Yes. All that is needed to quit using heroin is a strong desire to quit, but in most cases, using methadone or suboxone will seriously improve the likelihood of quitting.Check out suboxone. Suboxone does not get the user "high", it only keeps withdrawal symptoms from setting in, since it binds to opiod receptors in the brain. Therefore it does not continue the cycle of getting high. However, it can still cause physical addiction.The withdrawals from suboxone are not nearly as bad as heroin or methadone, and the addict can be tapered off of the drug very slowly, causing minimal withdrawal symptoms, and very little craving.It's encouraged to use one of these drugs to help with the physically unbearable and intense withdrawal associated with heroin. More info on how to quit heroin here: luck to you all on your journey toward sobriety.

Are there people who use heroin responsibly and without becoming addicted?

No. Heroin is extremely addictive. There is no such thing as using heroin responsibly.

Can you overdose from snorting heroin?

Yes, it is not very difficult to overdose. Overdose can be fatal. Yes and no. The truth is that it is difficult to overdose on pure heroin. However, most "street" heroin is mixed with other substances that can cause greater harm and many long time addicts will also mix heroin with other drugs such as alcohol and cocaine. It is often the combination that kill people, not heroin by itself. For instance, River Phoenix is often used as an example of a heroin overdose, however, he had mixed heroin and cocaine, which is much easier to OD than heroin.

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