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Marijuana contains no chemicals. It is grown, then the buds are removed, dried, and packaged to be sold.

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2010-01-12 21:51:21
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Q: How many other chemicals are found in marijuana?
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How many chemicals are found in marijuana?

0 chemicals are in marijuana. Only the NATURAL OCCURING compounds.

How many chemical compounds are in marijuana?

421 chemicals in Marijuana

Why marijuana and inhaling chemicals should be avoided?

Inhaling chemicals can kill you and have many other bad, permanent effects on your body. As for marijuana, it should be avoided because you can be arrested for getting caught with it.

How many chemicals is in maraijuana?

421 chemicals, lol, but only 61 are "marijuana only" chemicals

How many cancer causing chemicals are in marijuana?


How many chemicals is there in marijuana?

one important one THC

What chemicals are found in cigarettes?

Carbon monoxide rat poison cyanide and many other dangerous chemicals

How many chemicals are in marijuana?

Marijuana Contains exactly 420 chemicals Estimates are between 400 to 500. 420 is a code number among users for using the drug. 60 of these chemicals are cannabinoids,unique to the plant cannabis sayiva called Marijuana.

How many chemicals are found in cigarets?

400 chemicals are found in one single cigarette

What are the Mail marijuana?

i assume you mean what is the male marijuana plant and that is hemp, it does not have the phsychoactive chemicals that get a user high and was widely used for paper clothing and many other products before the marijuana prohibition, also the decleration of independance was written on hemp paper

How do chemicals affect our lives?

Chemicals have made many things easier.

What does the term 420 mean?

"420" means the international time for smoking marijuana, how many toxins/chemicals are in marijuana, and Adolf Hitler's birthday

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