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thousands each puff or inhale, and they dont grow back.

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Q: How many brain cells does drugs kill?
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How many brain cells do you kill when you when you do drugs?

"a good amount"

How many brain cells does smoking weed kill?

It doesn't kill brain cells.

How many brain cells do you kill when you are drunk?

too many

How many brain cells do you kill when you smoke?

none none

Drugs and the nervous system?

THC is a neuron- protector, for it is proven. It does not kill nerve cells, for that is myth. Alcohol, to a certain degree, kills brain cells. In other words it is not extremely poisonous, but if too much is consumed it will kill many neurons. Ecstasy is to blame for the destruction of the cells which regulate serotonin release in the brain. The drug forces the brain to release excess serotonin, for this is why many people die from a serotonin overdose.

One drink of alcohol can kill how many brain cells?

Alcohol does not kill any brain cells. That is an old temperance myth designed to scare people into abstaining from alcohol.

How many brain cells does a 12 ounce of beer kill?

Alcohol does not kill any brain cells; that's an old myth used to frighten people into not choosing to drink.

Can helium kill brain cells?

Not immediately. Helium has many negative effects on the brain. Bubbles of helium can travel to the arteries that lead to your brain. Inhaling the gas won't kill brain cells on its own, but sucking it in can cause oxygen deprivation, which can lead to your precious brain cells slowly dying.

How many brain cells do you supposedly lose per blunt?

Marijuana has never been conclusively shown to kill brain cells, so none.

How many brain cells does alcohal kill?

It is a myth that drinking alcohol kills brain cells. However, the abuse of alcohol can be harmful to health and safety.

How many brain cells does headbanging kill?

There is no way to tell without an MRI or autopsy.

If your on the computer for and hour how many brain cell does it kill?

When you play mindless games on a computer many brain cells die of bordom, if you do useful work on a computer you may well grow new brain cells

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