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6 months.

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2009-08-07 19:47:52
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Q: How long should you stop smoking marijuana before you apply to be a police officer?
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I smoked pot 1 week before my drug scan how do i pass?

You don't. You don't need to be smoking pot anyways. Marijuana is bad for you and you can be easily hooked. It's illegal, too. If you get caught with marijuana in your posession, you can go to jail for a good little while. Ask any police officer.

Can you be arrested for smoking medical marijuana?

If you live in the United States then yes, the federal police can charge you with possession of Marijuana.

How can a police officer can tell your high on marijuana by looking at your tongue?

They cannot know for sure, but it is an indicator. When smoking marijuana, the tongue sometimes becomes dry or white. In slang it is known as "having cotton mouth." There are also oral swabs that many officers carry. The swab tests for marijuana. The officer can swab the tongue and get a result right there on scene.

Why marijuana legal in holand?

Marijuana is not legal in Holland, however it is decriminalised and tollerated by the police. if caught smoking on the street or in a public place not approved, you may be confronted with the police

Did Micheal phelps get arrested?

He was not really arrested but the police came to inquire about him smoking Marijuana.

How do you report your manager at little caesars pizza for smoking marijuana at the store?

Call the police.

Can you get arrested if your underage and someone has a picture of you smoking?

Maybe, if a police officer sees it.

Was Forrest griffin a police officer before UFC?

Yes, he was a police officer in Georgia before making it big in the UFC.

Can a police officer take you to jail for smoking weed?

This would depend on where you were and how much "weed" you had in your possession. In most states, possession of less than an ounce (27 grams) of marijuana is a very low-level offense for which you can be issued a citation to appear in court, but not physically arrested. You could be physically arrested if you were in a state that had stiffer penalties for possession of marijuana, had more than the law considered "personal use," were driving while smoking or while under the influence of marijuana, or didn't have identification in your possession. The officer has to have positive identification before he can issue a citation.

Can police officers have a medical marijuanna license?

Yes, but most police agencies would not permit an officer to work if he or she was under the influence of marijuana or tested positive for marijuana use.

How much would you get paid an year if you were a police officer?

if you were a police officer would you have to get tazed before you get a tazor?

How strict are fake marijuana laws?

say if u shat on toast and gave it to a police officer

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