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it depends on what kind of medicine it is.

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Q: How long does it take medicine to start working in the body?
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How long does it take for multaq to start working?

how long does it take for multaq to start working?

How long does the medicine celebrex stay in the body?


How long does it take for Depakote to start working?

From my experience it will take 1-3 weeks depending on dosage and your body

If transitioning from Lexapro used for 3 month to Prozac for treatment of GAD and OCD how long will it take to being working?

It could be anywhere from 3 days, to 3 weeks. It usually doesn't take months, unless this medicine is ineffective on your body. But this usually isn't the case. It totally depends on what your body is like. Chances are it will take about a week to get into your system and start working.

How long does the medicine sulfatrim stay in the body?

Almost 6 Hours

How long does it take for ubiqunol to start working?


How long does it take for a Medicine to dissolve?

It depends on the Medicine. Most medications start to take affect within 20 minutes.

How long after you graduate do you have to start making your Student Repayment Loans?

As soon as you start working.

How long will it take for suboxone to start working?

One hour

How long does morfogen forte take to start working?

how long does morfogen take to work

Can the body function with one kidney?

yes it can. as long as its working right and the body is healthy- from a Doctor.

How long does amoxicillin takes to start working?

It should start working within 72 hours, if not, contact your physician you may need something different.

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