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I would say about a week or so if you take it right and workout.....................

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2009-12-14 14:55:16
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Q: How long does it take for creatine to start working in your system?
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Does creatine make you fat?

no creatine does not make you fat as long as you work out or excersize it retains water in your muscles so you look fuller. but if you take it without working out yes you will start to become fat

How long does creatine stay in your system?

An hour or two in your bloodstream. A few days in your muscles. Give about a week to clear your system of ingested creatine.

How long does it take for a multivitamin to start working in your system?

5 Hours approximately.

The energy system used in a long jump?

Creatine Phosphate energy system (0-20s) Immediate energy

How long does it take for multaq to start working?

how long does it take for multaq to start working?

How long does champix take to leave your system?

well, champix takes about a week to start working in your system so i would have thought it would take the same to leave?

How long does it take for ubiqunol to start working?


How long is the creatine phosphate system used in exercise?

it depends on the acitivity for example 100m sprint would be roughly 10 seconds for professional athletes

How long after you graduate do you have to start making your Student Repayment Loans?

As soon as you start working.

How long will it take for suboxone to start working?

One hour

How long should one cycle on and off of creatine?

Generally you should cycle on creatine for four weeks, then off for four weeks. Check out the link to see in detail how to properly cycle on and off creatine.

How long does morfogen forte take to start working?

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