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Not long!

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Q: How long do you live when vital organs start shutting down?
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What would happen if you dont go poo?

Not a professional, but I think you'd get a poo-buildup in your system, thus shutting down some organs vital to health, and ultimately KILLING you.

What makes your body shutdown?

A person's body can shutdown for several reasons. Most common are heart disease, kidney disease and/or lung disease. If your heart isn't working properly, your other vital organs are deprived of oxygen and can't function. The same with your lungs and kidneys, if they do not function properly oxygen enriched blood can't get to the vital organs and bodily poisons will remain in the body because they can't be filtered out. When body organs cannot get what is required to function, the organs start shutting down.

How much weight do you lose in you maintain a 400 calorie diet?

It is very unhealthy to maintain a 400 cal a day diet your organs will start shutting down

What happens when you have hypothermia?

you get so that you think that you are going to sleep but it is your body major organs shutting down

How do you get a fever of 110 degrees?

No not even heat stroke victims go that high. At 110 your internal organs would be shutting down and your brain would literally start to fry.

How long does the Human organs take before they shutting down?

It really depends on how you died or started dying.

What does the body look like when organs shutting down?

the body starts decomposing pretty quickly, so blue and rubbery. the organs look the same.

How long would it take to die from lack of sleep?

if you had no sleep, naps, nothing at all, then it would take about 11 days for your organs to start shutting down and you die. I recommend sleeping.

Why would drinking salt water be harmful?

It causes dehydration. If the body does get hydratation, the organs begin shutting down.

How long can you stay alive once your organs start shutting down with cancer?

Depends on the stage of organ failure. If stage 1, then meds and other therapies could help and prolong life.

Is roblox shutting down on the 31st of march?

No, Roblox is not shutting down, and there are no other information to prove that it is. Thanks.

Why do we hold down or press the start button to turn off our computers?

Using the "start" button to shut down your computer gives your system a "heads up", if you will, that you are shutting it down. Shutting a computer down abruptly could be destructive to the system if you shut it down in the middle of an important process.

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