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Plants can be lit 24 hours a day. Plants should not be lit after they are sprayed or they can get the plant equivalent of sunburn.

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Q: How long do you keep a light on a marijuana plant?
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How long do you keep the light in marijuana plants?

Marijuana is illegal! Now go get a job before you lose all your brain cells.

How long does it take a marijuana plant to bud outside?

depends on the strain of the plant. anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. but keep in mind cannabis will not start flowering until it is in 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of darkness

How long does it take to get addicted to marijuana?

marijuana is a non addictive plant. you can not become physicaly addicted to marijuana.

How long do you keep lights on when marijuana flower?

once it starts to flower keep the light on it for 24 hrs for about 2 weeks then switch the light to 12hrs of daylight and 12 hrs of darkness.

How long does a marijuana plant live?

9 months

What if male marijuana plants has been next to female plant for to long what happens?

You have baby marijuana plants

How long do marijuana roots grow?

a good rule of thumb for any plant not just marijuana is that the roots are the same size as the plant that is sticking out of the ground

How long from seed to a mature marijuana plant?

Why would you want to grow marijuana but it can take up to 5 months

How the long do you leave the light on for marijuana?

12 hours of light 12 hours of dark

Does marijuana grow good in Oklahoma?

Marijuana grows everywhere... because people grow it!! as long as you have seeds for it and know how to plant it

How long will it take for a marijuana plant to grow?

around 2-3 months

How long after the seed is plant does the marijuana plant mature?

The plant matures within three to five months after the seed has been sown.

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