How long do humans have to run to stay healthy?

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An adult needs approximately 30 minutes of exercise daily to remain healthy. You can do a variety of exercises to remain healthy, not just running (but spending that time running isn't a bad thing).

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Q: How long do humans have to run to stay healthy?
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Do diets stay healthy or turn bad?

Crash or fad diets are bad, and in the long run damage your metabolism and overall health. However, a healthy, balanced diet is great for you! (:

What if your trying to lose weight but you don't eat veggies?

Then your servings will be really small, and it will be hard for you to get enough nutrients and fibers to stay healthy in the long run.

How long can you stay out when you die?

as long as u can run and hide from bears

Why should dogs be allowed in public parks?

They need a place to run and get exorsize to stay healthy.

Can I use a horizontal elliptical to stay healthy at home?

There are a ton of ways to get healthy and stay healthy without a gym. Watch what you eat and count calories. You can also run stairs in your home, you can run around the block, etc. There is no need to use the excuse of no local gyms when you don't need a gym to lose weight.

How many days can you stay on moon?

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How long can a human run if he runs for his life?

25 miles an hour if he is healthy.

What are four things that you can to everyday to stay healthy?

stay clean (shower, wash your hands and your hair...) east healthy food at proper time run about 1 mile and last have a good night of sleep ( 7-10 hours)

How can an aging person stay healthy?

An aging person can try to stay healthy by being active. This doesn't mean that one has to run or walk 3 miles daily, but a nice stroll around the block is good. Other ways for an aging person to stay healthy is to stay physically and mentally busy. One could try volunteering as something physical. Playing word games or word puzzles is a way to stay mentally sharp.

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Cheetahs are not known to be a danger to humans.

How fsat do humans run?

It really does depend on how fit and healthy you are! The fastest speed ever recorded is 34mph...thats nothing compared to a cheetah!!

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No. Temple Run is an infinite run video game, meaning that as long as you and your character can stay alive, you can run forever without stopping.

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