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the body store's fat by keeping it in their stomach or thighs

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Q: How does the body store fat?
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What does the human body store fat as?


Where is a person's fat stored?

The body fat is stored in fat cells. Fat cells has got very good capacity to store the fat. You have very large capacity in your body to store the fat.

Where does the body store fat?


Do armadillos store body fat?


What does the human body store fats as?


What does a lipid do for your body?

A lipid is a part of fat. They make the body store extra fat, you DO NOT WANT THEM.

Do cows store fat in their legs?

No. Fat is stored in and around the body.

Function of fat cells?

they store fat and keep body warm...

What happens to fat cells when you lose weight?

The fat cells get burns out and you lose weight. Just to make you aware is when you eat more fat then what your body is able to consume the body starts to store the extra fat into your body. Body is not able to store protein but it can store fat that's why most of people have fat problem which can be solved by proper diet and exercise.

Can the body store fat in practically unlimited amounts?

yes. body can store fat in unlimited amounts. a pound of fat is 3500 calories, and a person's body can easily carry 30-50 pds of fat w/o appearing fat at all.

Do muscle cells store fat?

Muscle cells do not store fat. Rather, if muscles are not used often, more fat will be stored in the body. Conversely, if muscles are exercised often, there will be less fat in the body.

Why does the body need to store glycogen and fat?

the body needs fat to keep the body warm during cold temperatures.

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