How do you measure marijuana?

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Generally Marijuana is sold in several different quantities. 1 gram, an eighth(3.5grams), a quarter ounce (7grams), a half ounce(14 grams), one ounce(28 grams)

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Q: How do you measure marijuana?
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How do people measure marijuana?

With scales, by the gram. Marijuana is largely responsible for teaching the Metric System to the US.

Can you measure how high someone is from marijuana?

Pretend to throw a ball at their face.

What is 90ngml of marijuana?

ngml are what they measure in drug test. usually if your pushing that much your a pot head

Is kilo a type of marijuana?

A kilo is a unit of measure, not a drug.

Can alcohol monitoring bracelets detect marijuana?

No. SCRAM tethers measure the presence and level of alcohol in sweat.

What are the kinds of weed?

there are many different kinds.... hash,chronic,A-bomb- marijuana and heroin smoked in cigarette ace- marijuana cigarette Assassin of Youth- marijuana (from 1930's film of same name) bammy- marijuana banano- marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine bazooka- coca paste and marijuana blow a stick- smoke marijuana Buddha - potent marijuana spiked with opium cheroot -smoking cigar-shaped object (tobacco or marijuana or mixture) chillums - marijuana chips -tobacco or marijuana cigarettes laced with PCP colas- [Spanish=tails] marijuana flowing tops ditchweed- low potency marijuana that grows wild funk- marijuana funny stuff - marijuana ganja- marijuana get on- smoke marijuana giggle weed -marijuana good stuff -high potency drug, especially marijuana grefa- marijuana grifa - marijuana gungeon - Jamaican marijuana gunney- marijuana gunney sack- marijuana (from sacks made with hemp fiber) hit - a single puff on a marijuana cigarette hookah -Middle Eastern water pipe used for smoking tobacco or marijuana hubbly bubbly hookah- a Middle Eastern water pipe used for smoking tobacco or marijuana Indian hemp- marijuana Indiana hay - marijuana Johnson grass- low potency Texas marijuana (as in Lyndon Johnson) kif hashish- potent Moroccan marijuana lamb's bread- marijuana limbo -marijuana loco- marijuana Lucas -marijuana lumber -marijuana stems and wastes moocah- marijuana muggles- marijuana paca lolo- marijuana (Hawaiian term) peace weed- marijuana with PCP Phillies Blunt- cigar hollowed out and filled with marijuana picked up -smoked marijuana pin thinly-rolled marijuana cigarettes pinhead - thinly-rolled marijuana cigarettes poke to smoke- a marijuana cigarette potlikker tea- brewed from marijuana waste P.R.- Panama red marijuana shlook -a puff of a marijuana cigarette shotgun - inhaling marijuana smoke forced into one's mouth by another's exhaling snop- marijuana spring -giving a marijuana cigarette to another steamboat- inhaling marijuana smoke trapped in toilet paper roll or similar device used to burn last embers of the butt super grass - marijuana with PCP super weed- marijuana with PCP taking on a number- smoking marijuana tea head - habitual marijuana user tighten someone's wig- provide marijuana [1940's] Tijuana -marijuana TJ - marijuana (from Tijuana) toak -to inhale smoke, especially marijuana vipe- marijuana viper - marijuana smoker Wacky terbacky -marijuana Zombie weed - marijuana with PCP Acapulco gold- marijuana from S.W.Mexico Acapulco red- marijuana Ace - marijuana; PCP African black- marijuana African bush- marijuana African woodbine -marijuana cigarette Airhead- marijuana user Airplane -marijuana Alice B. Toklas - marijuana brownie Amp joint - marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic Angola- marijuana Ashes- marijuana Atom bomb - marijuana and heroin Atshitshi - marijuana Aunt Mary- marijuana B - amount of marijuana to fill a matchbox B-40- cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in Baby -marijuana Baby bhang -marijuana Bad seed peyote; heroin; marijuana Bale marijuana Bambalacha marijuana Bar marijuana Bash marijuana Basuco cocaine; coca paste residue sprinkled on marijuana or regular cigarette Belyando spruce marijuana Bhang marijuana, Indian term Bite one's lips to smoke marijuana Black opium; marijuana Black Bart marijuana Black ganga marijuana resin Black gold high potency marijuana Black gungi marijuana from India Black gunion marijuana Black mo/black moat highly potent marijuana Black mote marijuana mixed with honey Blanket marijuana cigarette Blast to smoke marijuana; to smoke crack Blast a joint to smoke marijuana Blast a roach to smoke marijuana Blast a stick to smoke marijuana Block marijuana Blonde marijuana Blow cocaine; to inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana Blow a stick to smoke marijuana Blow one's roof to smoke marijuana Blowing smoke marijuana Blue de hue marijuana from Vietnam Blue sage marijuana Blue sky blond high potency marijuana from Columbia Blunt marijuana inside a cigar; marijuana and cocaine inside a cigar Bo-bo marijuana Bobo bush marijuana Bogart a joint salivate on a marijuana cigarette; refuse to share Bohd marijuana; PCP Bomb crack; heroin; large marijuana cigarette; Bomber marijuana cigarette Bone marijuana; $50 piece of crack Bong pipe used to smoke marijuana Boo marijuana Boom marijuana Boot the gong to smoke marijuana Brick 1 kilogram of marijuana; crack Broccoli marijuana Brown heroin; marijuana Bud marijuana Buda a high-grade marijuana joint filled with crack Bullyon marijuana Burn one to smoke marijuana Burnie marijuana Bush cocaine; marijuana Butter marijuana; crack Butter flower marijuana Cam trip high potency marijuana Cambodian red/Cam red marijuana from Cambodia Can marijuana; 1 ounce Canadian black marijuana Canamo marijuana Canappa marijuana Cancelled stick marijuana cigarette Cannabis tea marijuana Carmabis marijuana Cartucho package of marijuana cigarettes Catnip marijuana cigarette Cavite all star marijuana Charas marijuana from India Charge marijuana Chase to smoke cocaine; to smoke marijuana Cheeba marijuana Cheeo marijuana Chiba chiba high potency marijuana from Columbia Chicago black marijuana, term from Chicago Chicago green marijuana Chira marijuana Christmas tree marijuana; depressant; amphetamine Chronic marijuana; marijuana mixed with crack Churus marijuana Citrol high potency marijuana, from Nepal Climb marijuana cigarette Cochornis marijuana Cocktail cigarette laced with cocaine or crack; partially smoked marijuana cigarette inserted in regular Cocoa puff to smoke cocaine and marijuana Coli marijuana Coliflor tostao marijuana Colorado cocktail marijuana Columbian marijuana Columbus black marijuana Cosa marijuana Crack back crack and marijuana Crazy weed marijuana Cripple marijuana cigarette Crying weed marijuana Cubes marijuana tablets Culican high potency marijuana from Mexico Dagga marijuana Dawamesk marijuana Dew marijuana Diambista marijuana Dimba marijuana from West Africa Ding marijuana Dinkie Dow marijuana Dirt grass inferior quality marijuana Ditch marijuana Ditch weed marijuana inferior quality, Mexican Djamba marijuana Do a joint to smoke marijuana Domestic locally grown marijuana Don jem marijuana Dona Juana marijuana Dona Juanita marijuana Doobie/dubbe/duby marijuana Dope heroin; marijuana; any other drug Dope smoke to smoke marijuana Doradilla marijuana Draf weed marijuana Drag weed marijuana Dry high marijuana Durog marijuana Duros marijuana Dust heroin; cocaine; PCP; marijuana mixed with various chemicals Dusting adding PCP, heroin, or another drug to marijuana Earth marijuana cigarette El diablito marijuana, cocaine, heroin and PCP El diablo marijuana, cocaine and heroin Endo marijuana Esra marijuana Fallbrook redhair marijuana, term from Fallbrook, CA Fatty marijuana cigarette Feed bag container for marijuana Fiend someone who smokes marijuana alone Fine stuff marijuana Finger marijuana cigarette Fir marijuana Fire it up to smoke marijuana Flower marijuana Flower tops marijuana Fly Mexican airlines to smoke marijuana Fraho/frajo marijuana Frios marijuana laced with PCP Fry daddy crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with crack Fu marijuana Fuel marijuana mixed with insecticides; PCP Fuma D'Angola marijuana Portugese term Gage/gauge marijuana Gange marijuana Gangster marijuana Ganja marijuana from Jamaica Gash marijuana Gasper marijuana cigarette Gasper stick marijuana cigarette Gauge butt marijuana Geek crack and marijuana Get a gage up to smoke marijuana Get high to smoke marijuana Get the wind to smoke marijuana Ghana marijuana Giggle smoke marijuana Gimmie crack and marijuana Go loco to smoke marijuana Gold marijuana; crack Gold star marijuana Golden leaf very high quality marijuana Gong marijuana; opium Good butt marijuana cigarette Good giggles marijuana Goof butt marijuana cigarette Grass marijuana Grass brownies marijuana Grata marijuana Green inferior quality marijuana; PCP; ketamine Green goddess marijuana Greeter marijuana Greta marijuana Griefo marijuana Griff marijuana Griffa marijuana Griffo marijuana Gungun marijuana Gyve marijuana cigarette Hanhich marijuana Happy cigarette marijuana cigarette Has marijuana Hawaiin very high potency marijuana Hay marijuana Hay butt marijuana cigarette Hemp marijuana Herb marijuana Herb and Al marijuana and alcohol Herba marijuana Hit crack; marijuana cigarette; to smoke marijuana Hit the hay to smoke marijuana Hocus opium; marijuana Homegrown marijuana Honey blunts Marijuana cigars sealed with honey Hooch marijuana Hooter cocaine; marijuana Hot stick marijuana cigarette Indian boy marijuana Indian hay marijuana from India Indo marijuana, term from Northern CA Indonesian bud marijuana; opium J marijuana cigarette Jane marijuana Jay smoke marijuana Jay marijuana cigarette Jim Jones marijuana laced with cocaine and PCP Jive heroin; marijuana; drugs Jive stick marijuana Joint marijuana cigarette Jolly green marijuana Joy smoke marijuana Joy stick marijuana cigarette Ju-ju marijuana cigarette Juan Valdez marijuana Juanita marijuana Juice joint marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack Kali marijuana Kaya marijuana Kentucky blue marijuana KGB (killer green bud) marijuana Kick stick marijuana cigarette Kiff marijuana Killer marijuana; PCP Killer weed (1980s) marijuana and PCP Killer weed (1960s) marijuana Kilter marijuana Kind marijuana Kumba marijuana L.L. marijuana Lace cocaine and marijuana Lakbay diva marijuana Laughing grass marijuana Laughing weed marijuana Leaf marijuana; cocaine Lid 1 ounce of marijuana Light stuff marijuana Lima marijuana Little smoke marijuana; psilocybin/psilocin Llesca marijuana Loaf marijuana Lobo marijuana Locoweed marijuana Log PCP; marijuana cigarette Love boat marijuana dipped in formaldehyde; PCP Love weed marijuana Lovelies marijuana laced with PCP Lubage marijuana M marijuana; morphine M.J. marijuana M.O. marijuana M.U. marijuana Machinery marijuana Macon marijuana Magic smoke marijuana Manhattan silver marijuana Mari marijuana cigarette Mary marijuana Mary and Johnny marijuana Mary Ann marijuana Mary Jane marijuana Mary Jonas marijuana Mary Warner marijuana Mary Weaver marijuana Matchbox 1/4 ounce of marijuana or 6 marijuana cigarettes Maui wauie marijuana from Hawaii Meg marijuana Megg marijuana cigarette Meggie marijuana Messorole marijuana Mexican brown heroin; marijuana Mexican red marijuana Mighty mezz marijuana cigarette Modams marijuana Mohasky marijuana Monte marijuana from South America Mooca/moocah marijuana Mooster marijuana Moota/mutah marijuana Mooters marijuana cigarette Mootie marijuana Mootos marijuana Mor a grifa marijuana Mota/moto marijuana Mother marijuana Mow the grass to smoke marijuana Muggie marijuana Mutha marijuana Nail marijuana cigarette Number marijuana cigarette O.J. marijuana P.R. (Panama Red) marijuana Pack heroin; marijuana Pack of rocks marijuana cigarette Pakalolo marijuana Pakistani black marijuana Panama cut marijuana Panama gold marijuana Panama red marijuana Panatella large marijuana cigarette Paper blunts marijuana within a paper casing rather than a tobacco leaf casing Parsley marijuana, PCP Pat marijuana Pin marijuana Pipe crack pipe; marijuana pipe; vein into which a drug is injected; mix drugs with other substances Pocket rocket marijuana Pod marijuana Poke marijuana Pot marijuana Potten bush marijuana Prescription marijuana cigarette Pretendica marijuana Pretendo marijuana Primo crack; marijuana mixed with crack Puff the dragon to smoke marijuana Queen Ann's lace marijuana Ragweed inferior quality marijuana; heroin Railroad weed marijuana Rainy day woman marijuana Rangood marijuana grown wild Rasta weed marijuana Red cross marijuana Red dirt marijuana Reefer marijuana Righteous bush marijuana Roach butt of marijuana cigarette Roach clip holds partially smoked marijuana cigarette Rockets marijuana cigarette Root marijuana Rope marijuana Rose Marie marijuana Salt and pepper marijuana Santa Marta marijuana Sasfras marijuana Scissors marijuana Seeds marijuana Sen marijuana Sess marijuana Sezz marijuana Shake marijuana Siddi marijuana Sinse marijuana Sinsemilla potent variety marijuana Skunk marijuana Smoke heroin and crack; crack; marijuana Smoke Canada marijuana Snop marijuana Spark it up to smoke marijuana Speed boat marijuana, PCP, crack Spliff marijuana cigarette Splim marijuana Square mackerel marijuana, term from Florida Squirrel smoking cocaine, marijuana and PCP; LSD Stack marijuana Stems marijuana Stick marijuana, PCP Stink weed marijuana Straw marijuana cigarette Sugar weed marijuana Supergrass marijuana Sweet Lucy marijuana T cocaine; marijuana Taima marijuana Takkouri marijuana Tea marijuana, PCP Tea party to smoke marijuana Tex-mex marijuana Texas pot marijuana Texas tea marijuana Thai sticks bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo Thirteen marijuana Thumb marijuana Tin container for marijuana Toke to inhale cocaine; to smoke marijuana Toke up to smoke marijuana Torch marijuana Torch up to smoke marijuana Torpedo crack and marijuana Turbo crack and marijuana Twist marijuana cigarette Twistum marijuana cigarette Up against the stem addicted to smoking marijuana Viper's weed marijuana Wac PCP on marijuana Wacky weed marijuana Weed marijuana, PCP Weed tea marijuana Wheat marijuana White-haired lady marijuana Wollie rocks of crack rolled into a marijuana cigarette Woolah a hollowed out cigar refilled with marijuana and crack Woolas cigarette laced with cocaine; marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack Woolies marijuana amd crack or PCP Wooly blunts Marijuana and crack or PCP X marijuana; MDMA; amphetamine Yeh marijuana Yellow submarine marijuana Yen pop marijuana Yerba marijuana Yerba mala PCP and marijuana Yesca marijuana Yesco marijuana Zacatecas purple marijuana from Mexico Zambi marijuana Zig Zag man LSD; marijuana; marijuana rolling papers Zol marijuana cigarette Zooie holds butt of marijuana cigarette Zoom PCP; marijuana laced with PCP Parker one who fails to share a marijuana cigarette burrito marijuana Marley marijuana 4:20 Marijuana four twenty Marijuana

Can you smoke marijuana and pass a breathalyzer?

breathalyzers measure the amount of alcohol in your system you gronk! not how much dope you've smoked. Are you retared?

Is weed made from marijuana?

Weed is slang for Marijuana. Weed is not made from Marijuana, Weed is Marijuana.

What is sold as marijuana but is not marijuana?

oregano is something offtenly sold as marijuana

What are Cannabinoids TCT Marijuana?


How hazardous marijuana is?

Marijuana is not hazardous.

What is weed drug?


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