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Ask him, he will be happy to oblige

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2011-01-09 07:25:31
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Q: How do you make your boyfriend touch your boobs?
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How can you keep your boyfriend hard?

you can kiss him let him touch your boobs and trust me he will stay hard.

How do you ask a girl to touch her boobs?

You don't! I am a girl and my boyfriend just went for the kill! I loved it!

How can you make your boyfriend want sex?

dangle ur boobs in front of him.

Why did your boyfriend put his hands on your breasts then make out with you?

Men love boobs!

How do you know if a girl wants you to touch her boobs?

she will put your hands on her boobs or she will talk about it a lot. just touch her in other places 1st like her hand, her back or her legs and then make your move and touch her boobies :)

What does it mean when my boyfriend wants to feel me up?

it means th at he most likely wants to touch your boobs or he wants to have sex

How do you get a boy to touch your boob?

the easiest way to get a guy to touch ur boobs is to make out with him and while u guys are making out get his hand or hands and place them on ur boobs he will know what to do from there

You are only 14 years old and your boyfriend is 16 he always touch or squeeze your boobs it feels good but after a day or two your boobs are sore?

its probably not from your boyfriend squeezing ur boobs (depending on how hard he does it) your probably just sensitive. its normal. but if it is sore to the point where they start to swell...go see a doctor.

How can you make your boyfriend suck your breasts?

Tell him you want him too. There is no way you can make your boyfriend suck your boobs. Maybe you could try asking him.

Is it ok for your boyfriend to touch your breasts?

of course it is it means he loves you and when he like squezzes them it menas he really loves uJust because your boyfriend presses,rubs,or touches you boobs, that does not necessarily means he loves you. He could just want to press your boobs, or he may just want you to have sex. P.S. If your Boyfriend touches or rubs yours boobs make sure that it goes no further. Don't have sex until your married!!!!!!!!!If you have sex, then breakup for some reason, that's bad news. What if 2 weeks after you have sex and breakup you find out that you are pregnant!!??Or what if you have sex then find out that your boyfriend was cheating on you?Don't have sex until your married!!!!!!!! thats not true actually it is ok for your boyfriend to touch your boobs if you let him but there is a certain limit and actually squeezing your boobs is never ok especially if you ever have a baby and want to breast feed because by squeezing it you are cutting off the milk flow.

How do you make a boy touch your breasts?

Tell him to. or tell him to kiss you and put his hand on your boobs

Your boyfriend likes to suck your boobs?

enjoy it baby. there are more nerve endings there so it is more sensitive to touch ergo more pleasure.

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