How do you make someone blush?

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by punching them.

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Q: How do you make someone blush?
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How do you say make me blush in Tagalog words?

make me blush in Tagalog - kinikilig ako

How do you make blush?

blushing is kinda like a flirt so when someone says something like "ur cue" or like if someone says they like you anything that is romantic in anyway then if u smile and kinda look down and smile looking kinda shy-ing then that's kinda a blush unless u mean how to make blush, then i have no clue what so ever

What makes you blush?

what make me blush is when i see someone that i really like i always do when i see my teacher he is so hot and he is irish oh that is just gross and wrong, im sorry but exactly how old are you???

Why does iruka blush at Kakashi?

Iruka tends to blush when complimented by someone he admires. If Kakashi said something like: "You're a great teacher Iruka!", that would make Iruka blush because Kakashi is an Elite ninja and Iruka idolizes Kakashi in a way.

How you say blush in spanish?

Make up blush is called in Spanish Rubor

What does it mean when someone says you made them blush multiple times on facebook?

it means you made them blush DUMBSH*T

What might someone do while giving a speech to make you think they were nervous?

Sweat Stutter Shake Blush Nervous Laugh

What might someone do while giving a speech to make you think they nervous?

sweat stutter shake blush nervous laugh

What does it mean if you love someone?

It means that they like someone?(p.s.sometimes people blush.)

What is an example of a sentence using the word Blush?

So much flattery will make me blush.

Is it good to make a girl blush?

No answer.

How do you know if someone's lying?

ask them 3 or 2 question and if they make sense when they answer it and they don't stress or blush when they answer you that means they are saying the truth

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