How do you impress a guy who hates you?

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He hates you. Try to not to do the things he hates you for. But if he simply hates you for being you, then you cannot do much. Don't waste your time with someone like that.

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Q: How do you impress a guy who hates you?
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How do you impress a girl who hates me?

There has to be a reason she 'hates' you. Do something she likes doing, impress her, show her you have something in common, prove her wrong.

How do you impress a guy when a guy's trying to impress you?

If he wants to impress you, he likes you. Impress him by asking him out.

How do you impress a girl whom you love at the school?

There is one thing a gurl hates the most and thinks is annoying is when a guy tries to impress you!!! Don't try to impress a gurl, it's rather annoying! if you want a gurl to like you, then say hi to her be friends with her, but do NOT try to impress her! ok?

What should a girl do to impress a guy?

You shouldn't try to impress anyone. A guy should accept you as you are.

How do you get a guy that hates you to have a crush on you?

You just can't. You see, he hates you !

How do you get a guy to ask you to dance if he hates you?

I must ask - why would you want to get a guy you feel hates you to dance with you?

How do you make a guy go out with you?

impress him =)

How do you get a guy who hates you to ask you out?

it depends on why he hates you, have you done something to him or is it completely random? anyway how do you no he hates you?

How can i impress a guy i like and he knows that and thinks im cute and cool?

be yourself(: if that can't impress him then maybe he isn't the right guy

Can a guy get excited by a girl he hates?

No, that's just stupid. Even if the girl's hot, the guy still hates her.

What does it mean if a guy tries to impress a girl with his looks?

It means that the guy is very special. She likes the man and wants to impress her. That is why she tries to impress that guy.

What do you wear to impress a guy?

You know the guy, you need to decide for yourself.

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