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try not to be on your knee as much as possible. lay down somewhere comfortable and prop your knee up on a pillow. heating pads work. if it becomes a serious problem, go see a doctor.

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Q: How do you get rid of water on the knee?
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Does bicycle help to get rid of knee fat?

Yes, because you are moving your knee so you are moving your muscle (making exercise).

How can I get rid of real bad knee pain?

To get rid of very bad knee pain one might need surgery. Other alternatives include icing the knee, doing a series of stretching exercises on the joint each day and resting for a number of days.

How do you reduce swelling after knee surgery?

Ice the knee every 15 mins to reduce swelling. Or try a very low dose diuretic. It can help to rid the body of excess fluids, but make sure to drink plenty of water so you don't dehydrate.

Is there a permanent cure for water on the knee?

There is no permanent cure for water on the knee. There are temporary cures that last for a while though.

Can you take ibuprofen for gout in knee?

you could, but it wont get rid of the gout. you're better off focusing on getting rid of the uric acid!

How do I get rid of constant knee pain from too much running?

Yes. Massage the knee can definitely help the situation. Straighten the leg and massage the knee just above the kneecap. Sometimes the knee is inflamed and icing the knee down during rest times can also be very helpful.

When i bend my knee there is a stiffness how do i get rid of it?

Ice it and bend it occasionally. Bend it more every time

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i need to know how to get rid of green water

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Water on knee with extreme pain feels like knee is going to buckle?

when i had water on my knee i was hurt all day long. it's feel like a Charlie horse but a bad one.

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