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Either by losing weight or getting Liposuction.

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Q: How do you get rid of fat cells in abdominal area?
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Can you flush your system to get rid of weed?

No. It stays in your body in the fat cells and hair cells.

How do you get rid of 14 year old lovehanddles?

run lose a little fat eat celery and do abdominal work outs

Why is belly fat harder to get rid of than other areas of fat on the body?

Belly Fat is the hardest fat to lose. The fat in the abdominal area is called Visceral fat, which is buried deep in the abdomen. Because it is located so close to a critical body vein in the abdomen, it carries the fat to the liver. Once in the liver it can increase the amount of fat as well as cholesterol. Anyone will also tell you in the medical field that age is also a factor. The longer you are storing the fat, the harder it is to get rid of.

How can I get rid of excess belly fat?

You can get rid of excess belly fat by workout out. Walking or running is a great way to get leaner. Also, doing abdominal exercises like crunches are a great way of getting definition in the belly region.

How do you get rid of your edge stomach fat?

There is no way to reduce fat from any one area of the body alone. This type of "Spot Reduction" is a myth. Your body loses fat from all areas of the body equally. Doing abdominal exercises will firm and tone up the muscle under the fat, but has no direct effect on the fat itself. General weight loss is the ONLY way to lose weight from any area of the body.

Is there an easy way to get rid of abdominal fat?

No there is no easy way to get rid of abdominal fat. You have to go to a gym and work out on those abs. Get one of the pros at the gym to sit down with you and get a set of effective exercises to do. It takes hard work and dedication to get those muscles back. If you have lost a lot of weight and have flaps of fat then plastic surgery is the only way to go and it can be painful after surgery.

How do you get rid of back fat rolls?

Apart from liposuction, there is no way to reduce the amount of fat in different areas of the body selectively. One has to lose enough weight for the fat to leave on its own. Abdominal fat and fat around the waist are often the last to disappear.

Will dieting get rid of stomach fat?

Dieting reduces fat system-wide. In men, stomach fat is the most problematic. It goes on there first, and without exercise to tone the abdominal muscles, it looks like it comes off last.

Does getting a six pack help you get rid of love handles?

A six pack are just the muscles that are located in your abdominal area. By getting a six pack, you are in essesnce getting rid of the fat that is covering your six pack (i.e. love handles) and once you eliminate the fat, you will be able to see the six pack. So yes, in order to get a six pack, you will have to work off the love handles

How can you get rid of THC for a drug test?

You can't . It stays in the fat and hair cells for 30 plus days.

Is running a good exercise to get rid of belly fat?

No, running is good if you want to stay in shape though. If you want to get rid of belly fat, do crunches or exercises that focus directly on the stomach area.

How do you get rid of an icky tummy?

First lose the fat off of it by cutting back on junk, and doind aerobic exercise like running. Then once the fat is mostly gone fill in that space with muscle by doing abdominal exercies.

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