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I want to scare my grandmother into thinking i have a sprained ankle. The first thing you do is get a pair of crutches, my grandmother is a Retired Nurse, so she has a lot that's why have a pair. You can get some at any Medical supply store it may be in your local town. After that, you will need to get a ace bandage, make sure it has little things you can clip them with. You can also get that at a medical supply store. Then, you want to get the leg you want to do it on and take that shoe off, i am doing my left leg so i am going to take my left shoe off. Later, you will want to wrap your leg carefully around your leg, then clip it tight. Make sure while the person your doing it on is gone and gone for at least 4-5 hours or even 6. Cause if there gone for only a couple hours and you were fine when they left then there going to think something is up plus when you really sprain you ankle you are at the hospital for that long. Finally, when they get home don't be walking on your foot and say that you were running down the stairs or something like that and make sure no buddy going to spoil it for you. That is how you can make a sprained ankle.

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Q: How do you fake sprain your ankle so bad that you need crutches?
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Do I need crutches if my acute ankle injury hurts too much to walk?

If it is too painful to walk on an injured foot or ankle, crutches or some kind of cane should be used. While pain is a normal part of the healing process, it can also be an indicator that a follow up trip to the doctor is needed.

Do you need to bandage a sprained ankle?


Do you need crutches for a torn meniscus?

Your knee is not stable with a torn meniscus. You can be walking and all of a sudden, the knee can go out. That happened to me and I had surgery to correct the problem. They gave me crutches after the surgery but they weren't really needed.

Do you need crutches if you had a piece of glass stuck in your foot but you still have a cut and you can't really walk?

Proboly, i got glass stuck in my foot a week ago but my mom is calling the docter later but my nurse said i need surgery to get it out. Imma need stitches and crutches. The glass is still in my foot

How can you fix a major ankle injury?

First you have to make sure that you didn't break you ankle. Most are either strained or sprained. There are 3 ligaments on the outside of the ankle and 2 on the inside. Usually twisting the ankle outward is the most common. You need to apply ice to the ankle. It will hurt as the ice cools but eventually become numb. You will need a few things to wrap the ankle 1. Cloth like a T-shirt ( old ) that you can layer cut and make a 4 inch x 4 inch x 3/4 inch pad. cut a horseshoe hole on one side and throught the middle. This will need to be placed on the ankle with the horseshoe hole pointing up surrounding the ankle bone. Then wrap an ACE bandage starting above the toes in a figure of eight pattern making sure not to wrap it too tightly. wrap the ACE up to about 6-8 inches above the ankle. The horseshoe pad will eliminate the bad swelling that will happen soon and will improve healing time. Elevate the foot higher than the heart. This will reduce the swelling. RISE is the formula I have used with the Navy SEAL teams Rest, Ice, Sedative (Motrin), Elevation. Note make sure that circulation is getting to the foot by squeezing the big toe and releasing it watch the color come back in the nail bed it should be within 1-2 seconds. If not loosen the bandage. Take Motrin, Aspirin, Advil, Nuprin. All of these have an anti-inflammatory affect and will also help in keeping down the swelling. In a couple of days you will notice a nasty purple bruise on the outside of the foot below the ankle. This is the result of broken capillaries and the blood pooling to the bottom of your foot. Start applying body weight as tolerated. You may need crutches ( GoodWill usually has a ton of them for about 2 bucks).

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How do you sprain your ankle so bad you need crutches?

are you sexy

How do you get crutches?

You will usually need crutches if you sprain or fracture a foot, ankle, or leg. Depending upon the treatment, they are either provided by the medical facility or purchased by the user.

How do you fake an ankle sprain?

My friends sometimes fake it for April fools day. All you need to do is make a quick cast and limp.

Do I need crutches for a very bad sprain?


Does a twisted ankle need crutches?

It depends on you. If there's no fracture, than you don't need crutches unless you want crutches. If you feel you cannot walk easily/ step on your sprained ankle at all, than you should get crutches. If you can limp around just fine, then there is no reason to get crutches.

What injuries do you need crutches for?

I'm no positive, but i know ankle, thigh, hip, or foot injuries need crutches on some occations.

Do you need crutches for a ligament sprained ankle?

no. but only if you can not walk on it at all.

How long do you need to suffer with pain for sprain ankle?

You don't 'need' to suffer at all

How do you make home made crutches?

I need to do the sane thing hurt ankle.

Do you need a doctors note to have crutches if you twisted your ankle?

you would need a note like always.

What happens when you sprain your ankle?

Your ankle is forced to move out it's normal position.Depending on the condition/how severe the sprain is, serious to mild injuries could occur.The Ankle Returns to its normal condition and strengthens the leg from other things like this to happen again.It all depends.SLIGHT SPRAIN: It will swell up a little bit, and hurt for a few days. Rest it, stay out of gym, use RICE. It should be better.BAD SPRAIN: I have a bad sprain at the moment... It will swell up so that you can't see your bones, and extreme pain will occur. Use crutches, stay out of gym. Visit a doctor, preferably and orthopedist. I need physical therapy, but that does not occur in all cases. Use RICE.HORRIBLE SPRAIN: Ligaments break. You would most likely need surgery, physical therapy, maybe even a cast or brace while it heals. Go to the ER, then go to an orthopedist. Crutches, no gym for months upon end.

Do you need crutches for a sprained ankle?

Yes as when you have a sprained ankle you can't put pressure on your foot if your foot is severly sprained. I would recomend getting crutches but (if you don't want to wear crutches you can wear an ankle brace where you can get from any store) only use them for about 3-7 days and start trying to walk and do muscle exercises. You can get crutches from a pharmacy/drug store. Hope this helps.

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