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Therapy is one option to treat depression without medication. A therapist can help people learn better coping mechanisms which can often help with depression.

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Q: How do i get rid of depression without medication?
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How do you cure Trichomoniasis without medication?

No, you can not get rid of trich without medication.

How Do You Get Rid Of Depression When Someone Dies?

Depression is not something that you can just get rid of. It takes a lot of time and effort on your half to talk about the problem, possibly get on some type of medication for depression and just trying to work it out. I have had depression for 3 years since my grandfather passed and I am still dealing with it with medication and with counseling.

How can you get rid of a migraine without medication?

There is a few ways to get rid of a migraine without taking medication. You can try taking a warm rag and covering your head.

Can depression be treated without medication?

Depression can be treated without medication but it is much harder and takes a lot more time. Try talking with someone about this because it is a tough choice.

How Can I Get Rid of Depression Without Any Therapy At All?

get rid of your problem or you will just have to get therapy

Is there a way i can get rid of a headache without taking medication?

You can get rid of a headache without taking medication by simply taking plenty of water, or using a cool compress over your head.

How do you get rid of vaginal pin worms without medication?

Follow the hygiene.

How Do I Get Rid of My Depression Without Therapy?

It's not something you can completely "get rid of" but having your child see a therapist to find the root of the depression will help in reducing it.

How do you cure mind depression without taking tablets?

There is no cure for either Depression or Bipolar Disorder, either with or without medication, the best one can hope for with either condition is to manage it. A small number of people can manage their condition for significant periods without medication, but it is risky.

Can you donate blood if you take depression medication?

No... Im on medication for depression and Im not alowed... It depends though

What is sertraline used for?

it's a medication that is used for treating depression it's a medication that is used for treating depression

Could you need hormones instead of depression medication?

That's what depression medication does to you! It puts the hormones back into your system.

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