How do antiviral medications work?

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They stop viruses from reproducing

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Q: How do antiviral medications work?
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Related questions

Why could not take an antibiotic for a viral infection?

because it won't work. there are some antiviral medications.

How are viruses treated?

Viruses can be treated using antiviral medications.

How do you treat herpes?

There is no cure. Antiviral medications can shorten the outbreaks and reduce their frequency.

Why dont antiviral medications kill host cells?

Usually anti-viral medications target enzymes used by the virus and not the host cell.

What are some good journal sources of information on antiviral drugs?

Gray, Mary Ann. "Antiviral Medications." Orthopaedic Nursing 15 (November-December 1996): 82.

Can you drink alcohol while taking antiviral drugs?

Drinking increases the medications side effects.

Is bacteria or a virus treated with antibiotics?

Bacteria are treated with antibiotics and viruses are treated with antiviral medications.

Why is it difficult to make antiviral medicines?

It is hard to make antiviral medicines because viruses have a high tendency to mutate rapidly. Antiviral medications like the flu vaccine, are tailored specifically to one strain of the virus. As soon as the virus mutates it is no longer the same strain, thus rendering the antiviral ineffective.

Is there a cure for the avian flu?

There is no vaccine or cure to fight the avian flu but there are some antiviral medications to help with the symptoms associated with this.

Which current technologies are used to treat chickenpox?

Current technologies used to treat chickenpox include antiviral medications such as acyclovir, and varicella immunoglobulin.

Is there a cure for hepatitis a?

With regard to hepatitis C, antiviral medications exists that slow the progression of liver damage, and it is vital that you stay away from Alcoholic Beverages.

What are antiviral?

No foods are antiviral. Only fairly strong drugs have antiviral properties.

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