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The connection between diuretics and hyperglycemia involves intracellular K+ levels. Intracellular K+ is involved in the secretion of a lot of hormones...including insulin. Some diuretics cause hypokalemia, (decrease in K+). This inhibits insulin secretion and can lead to hyperglycemia. It's not really a problem unless the patient is pre-diabetic. In that case, it is significant enough to push them over to Diabetes. Hope this helped!

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Q: How diuretics cause hyperglycemia?
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Can diuretics cause xerostomia?

Yes they do! Diuretics are an antihypertensive drug and they cause xerostomia, diuretics increase urine output not increase saliva production.

Does hyperglycemia cause blindness?

In a round about way, yes, hyperglycemia can cause blindness. Hyperglycemia often causes fluid to build up behind the retina which can cause retinopathy. Retinopathy can damage blood vessels that supply blood to the eye which can cause blindness.

Do seizures cause hyperglycemia?

No. Seizures often cause hypoglycaemia.

Which diuretic drug does not cause hyperglycemia?


Does beta blockers cause hyperglycemia?

They cause Hypoglycemia and in certain situations and conditions, they can cause hyperglycemia especially if you are administered dextrose in beta blocker toxicity without insulin.

Do diuretics cause fatigue?

Some people feel unusually tired when they first start taking diuretics

Can diuretics cause low sodium levels?


How does growth hormone cause hyperglycemia?

An excess of human growth hormone (HGH) causes hyperglycemia. The over abundance of HGH causes insulin resistance in the body resulting in hyperglycemia, or high blood sugar.

How do diuretics cause hyperlipidemia?

Diuretics (For e.g. Thiazide) causes Hypokalemia. It will cause the potassium to be secreted in urine. Due to hypokalemia, there will be less insulin release (as both depend on each other). The less amount of insulin release cause the glucose level to rise in plasma, causing Hyperglycemia. As the glucose level rises, there will be more Triglycerides form, it will lead to LDL(low density lipoproteins) and Very Low Density Liporoteins- These are bad cholestrol-Causing Hyperlipidemia. Hope it helps. -Shua

Can too many diuretics cause kidney disease?


How are hyperglycemia and lipidemia of insulin deficiency linked?

Insulin deficiency is directly linked to hyperglycemia and lipidemia as it will cause this conditions. The resistance to insulin can also lead to ketoacidosis.

Who is at risk of getting hyperglycemia?

hyPOglycamia not hyperglycemia

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